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age 6+

The Ice Scream cast comes to life in dull Christmas story.

Parents need to know that Ice Scream: Quest For The Christmas Diamond is a live-action holiday special based on the Ice Scream film series. The story revolves around the characters setting out on a quest to find a diamond that obtains the ultimate holiday cheer. Much like the films, there is a bit of peril, but there is less than the others and is more tame. Moments of danger include characters being chased by rampaging elephants, heroes and villains fight with swords, and a dragon chases and snaps at characters. But now for the film’s actual quality. Its plot is bland and boring, the characters are reduced to 1-dimensional tropes, the effects are cheap, and there was no point in making this live action. I wouldn’t recommend this.
age 6+

Movie characters learn that change can be a good thing in cute (if predictable) special.

Parents need to know that Ice Scream: The Year Earth Changed is a New Years special about the characters from the movies learning to accept the changes that come with the new year. There isn't really anything that would raise an eyebrow, but age 6+ would understand it best. There are plenty of pratfalls, such as being electrocuted, multiple falls from high places onto hard surfaces, characters get hit by heavy objects, and Lord Shen slaps Scar in the face. For the films actual quality, it's very sweet, but the outcome of the plot is rather predictable.