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Parent reviews for Trumbo

Common Sense says

Entertaining Hollywood story has important history lesson.
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age 13+
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Adult Written byBestPicture1996 December 18, 2015

Rousing showbiz romp with stellar cast

I loved the ensemble and most of the writing in Jay Roach's "Trumbo." What a life the real Dalton Trumbo lived: to be able to create these wonderful characters and movies, win two Oscars and...well if I say anymore it'll spoil those walking fresh into the movie like I was. While there are several instances of swearing, and there's a hardly a scene where you don't catch Trumbo puffing a cigarette (very era appropriate), this is a great movie about kids sticking to their beliefs. The word "communism" will always have a negative connotation to it, but the political party itself won't matter to kids, because Trumbo wasn't hurting anyone, and the fact that he endured all he did (I would lose my MIND if I had to give up getting an Oscar at the ceremony TWICE) and still came out a pretty okay guy is wonderful. Always fight for what you believe in!

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bylaloutre87 May 14, 2016

Good movie on an interesting topic.

I don't think kids below 14 are going to show much interest to the story, but there is sure no reason for the movie to be rated R, other than the fact that this rating is given by the MPAA, associated in the movie to the opponents of the main character (or the "bad guys" to put it simply). The movie deals with interesting topics, but i think at least a minimum knowledge about the cold war is required to understand it well. Probably too much smoking, but some lung cancer, so it balances well.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byMaryEBK February 25, 2016

Relevant and engaging

Watched with our 13 year old -- and we were all spellbound. A disturbing chapter of American history highlighted through great story telling and compassion. This movie will hold the interest of any teenager who enjoys history and follows current events. Raises important questions families can discuss about public hysteria -- how individuals with a platform can fan the flames of fear regardless of facts -- and the right to individual beliefs. Beyond that, there are fabulous lessons about family, integrity, hard work, the creative process...and yes, the health effects of smoking, drinking, etc. There are lessons also about how a family pulls together when a parent loses work...including fear of survival, overcoming obstacles, admitting mistakes, and forgiveness.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byMom_2_3 February 20, 2016

Well worth your time

This was a great movie! I knew nothing about Dalton Trumbo and only recently heard of him because my teenage son read his book, Johnny Got His Gun (which, by the way, is a haunting tale of the horror of a young man returning home after the war, tragically handicapped-also recommended). Bryan Cranston is absolutely amazing as Trumbo. Helen Mirren is equally convincing as Hetta Harper. Supporting cast of Diane Lane and Elle Fanning are also top notch. Be aware of frequent use of the F word, about 20 times, I'd guess. Otherwise, there is one short scene of the backside of a nude man, but not in a sexual situation. Other content that some may be offended by are drinking alcohol, continuous smoking, and popping of pills (brief, no obvious addiction). Based on the content of other R rated movies, this is very tame. I would say suitable for 14+.
Adult Written bySarasota Joe February 16, 2016

Dramatic Story. Important history.

I find it ridiculous that this movie is rated R for language, yet my child is encouraged by the MPAA to live on a steady diet of violence in PG-13 films. This is an excellent film, without special effects, decapitations, or zombies. For a kid used to post-apocalyptic nightmares, this truly historical nightmare might seem benign in comparison, but any kid who understands that The Hunger Games is not so much a film about kids killing each other as a film about totalitarianism will probably get caught up in the drama. My 12 year old loved it, and I found nothing in it to concern me.

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Positive Messages