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Educational but slow docu may not keep kids' interest.

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Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2012

Educating and great for kids

I recommended this movie about sea life. If you love to learn about the ocean watch this movie.
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Educational value
Parent Written byLaurarob January 7, 2012

Unacceptably scary

Our kids, ages 6 and 9, only made it half an hour into this movie because they became so upset. They, and we, couldn't believe it was rated G, and our older daughter said it was scarier than any movie she'd seen. Contrary to showing "nothing particularly disturbing," the film is a highly dramatized, frightening, up-close-and-personal view of the many perils of turtles' young lives. The photography/videography was exceptional and stunning, but it also made every situation so realistic that it was very frightening for our kids. The film's voiceover and music intentionally heightened the suspense and drama of every dangerous scenario, particularly a scene in which a cargo ship is seen barreling down on the baby turtle and other creatures. With a G rating, I was floored and distressed as a parent when the ship in fact ran over the turtle's seaweed home, killing all the animals but the turtle. (This is all shown in detail.) The baby turtle is anthropomorphosized so that kids feel the fear of the baby turtle, who is then alone and lost. In the next scene, you see an awful image of a dead baby turtle. Our kids love nature movies (March of the Penguins, Oceans, Born to Be Wild, etc.), and this movie was substantially more violent and frightening than anything in those films. Very distressing and disappointing. It's an accurate depiction of nature, to be sure, but it's not for young kids. And, again, that's based only on the first painful half-hour, as our kids couldn't tolerate continuing even though they knew the turtle would survive in the end.
What other families should know
Educational value
Too much violence
Adult Written byMinime77 June 16, 2014

4 only watching with parent. Loved it, but only with watching it with parent, otherwise too much

Of course, parts are scary, I mean the dead turtle was scary, the dad seahorse and when the crap caught the baby turtles to eat them. I watched it with my 3 y old who loved it, but spoke the next day twice about the poor sea horse whos life ended being to close to the big ship. We watched it on the laptop, so the picture was smaller than on a tv and we talked a lot, as my lil one hardly speaks English, so I translated her a lot and we talked a lot about it, which made the movie softer (I didnt made up things as I thought to let her know the truth tho). We dont watch much tv, so it took us two evenings to watch it, but my 3,5 y old loved it and wanted to play the next day all the time being a baby turle coming out of her egg and someone else has to be a bird. But again, with understanding everything they say, on a big tv and alone, I wouldnt let a 3y old watch it. Btw, the most scary parts are really only the ones already mentioned, the last half is smoother, but still.