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Adult Written byskittlesfairy87 January 12, 2009

"Twilight is okay for 13+ but..."

Twilight was a well written book and a nice movie, but the next book is way too depressing for young teens. yes Bella's in a dark place at the time, but i just feel that the first book may miss lead parents into thinking all the other books are for 13 and younger. other then that i think that Twilight was good.
Adult Written byedwardcullenisa... January 10, 2009

Just amazing .

I absolutely LOVE this movie . I have fallen in love with Edward Cullen - if you can tell by my username, teehee . But i haven't (sadly) read the book, i just got it from a friend and am dying to read it, but i have heard the book is better than the movie, CANT WAIT TILL THE OTHERS ! Go Twilight ^.^ I?U Edward Cullen (:
Parent of an infant, infant, 3, and 5 year old Written byMississippiQueen January 7, 2009
Adult Written byxlena January 7, 2009

pretty good

I think this was a very good movie, but it's just not possible to make one as good as the book.
Parent of a 18+ year old Written bybunnyhunny999 December 29, 2008

This is a awsome movie i poped a eye watching it

hello people of the internet this is the most satisfing movie of the century rock on belle and edward
Adult Written bymasqueradegirl December 21, 2008

Very Romantic, Sweet, and Violent(in a good way) Movie

A few things were off. Like when they were olaying baseball and Rosalie pushed Bella out of the way instead of Edwardand the Cullen's house. It was supposed to be oldfashoned, NOT modern. At one point Bella practically atacked Edward when they kissed.
Adult Written byMamasays December 13, 2008


I had read (more like devoured) all the books beforehand, so I did have that perspective on it first. I was a little apprehensive going in to the theater but I was NOT disappointed in it. True, as with nearly every movie adapted from a book, there were parts left out, parts put in, some things out of sequence, etc. But I thought the casting was excellent - each person looked like I pictured them from the book, pretty much. Edward's character was spot on - Rob Pattinson did a superb job all around. I got a little annoyed with Kristen's excessive nervous blinking that she did, but for the most part she fit the character very well. I have been to see it twice, and it was even better the second time. (I took my 14 yr. old daughter both times, and she loves it, naturally!) I'm so excited for it to come out on DVD - which, according to reports, could be as early as late February 2009! I recommend Twilight, although I do think it's better to read at least that book first. It's a little easier to appreciate it that way.
Adult Written bymusic724 December 5, 2008

it depends...

I read the books... and i loved the movie if you didnt read the book... you will probably find it stupid... oh yeah it gets a little violent... so my advice, no child under 8
Adult Written byErnest Stephens December 4, 2008

Simply Complicated Love Story

Twilight is the blockbuster hit based on Stephanie Meyers bestselling novel. The plot of this over popular drama circles around the complicated love story of Edward Collins and Bella Swan. One might ask what’s so complicated? Well she is a 17 year old from Phoenix who reluctantly moves to live with her dad in Forks Washington. Edward is 107, tormented, slightly schizophrenic and a vampire. The plot continues to thicken with each character that is added. Native Americans who refuse to allow the Collins family onto their reservation, three vampires who drink human blood (the Collins only eat animals) and start a bloody rampage, Bella’s schoolmates and then environmental factors the small town dynamic and peer pressure. Now all you have to do is throw in cupid, amazing special effect and artistic filming and you should be able to get the picture. The movie is a refreshing twist on the old vampire tales. It is thoroughly entertaining and with a cute set of actors it’s not surprising it’s such a popular hit.
Parent of a 11 and 14 year old Written bymburdell. November 30, 2008

i was like awww the whole time

it was the most romantic movie
Adult Written bynfreed November 28, 2008

suprisingly good

I watched Twilight with my 9yo daughter and we both enjoyed it. The main objection I had to the book- the sexism & angry controlling behavior by Edward- was nearly absent here- the producers correctly realized that Edward as written would come off as abusive and creepy, not romantic. Bella is also improved over her book version, she fights back when attacked and even has a short line encouraging her friend to be an independant and strong woman. All in all an improved version of the story, totally appropriate for tweens.
Adult Written byhingryd November 27, 2008

i loved it

Parent Written byjpschouest November 26, 2008

Didn't Read Book But Entertaining

Very well made. Good for teens.
Adult Written bymusic45 November 25, 2008
Adult Written bycourtneyloves edward November 24, 2008

i love it

it is a very good movie i have seen people cry over is not as good as the book but it still was great.i would love it if they would make the other books into movies but i do add that they should get more of the detail like in the would of been a bigger hit if they put more of the book in in stead of taking alot of it out and changing some of it,but other than that it was a big hit and so would the others!!!!
Adult Written bySELINA12-95 November 24, 2008


Parent of a 18+ year old Written November 24, 2008

I laughed,I smiled,and I cried but it was the best movie I seen in the world

I loved it
Parent of a 6 and 8 year old Written byjmch November 23, 2008

OK ~~~ if you haven't read the book

I went to see this movie w/ seven ladies five of them have read this book and they HATED this movie! The two of us who haven't read the book thought it was ok besides the bad acting and poor effects! My 11yr old (who has read the book) went to see it yesterday ~~ I thought 'he's 11 he'll love it' boy was I wrong! He was so disappointed !! He said it didn't follow the book at all and he didn't like the way everyone was 'made up' either. Now I want to read the book to find out what I'm missing!!
Parent of a 12 and 15 year old Written bysciarcmac November 23, 2008

Trailer for The Unborn before Twilight was inappropriate

If you take a 13 year old to see Twilight, BEWARE, the trailer often shown before for the move The Unborn is NOT appropriate for 13 year olds. This trailer should only be shown in R rated movies. My daughter is having nightmares.
Adult Written byalisonb69 November 23, 2008