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Adult Written byLowvid Mom April 9, 2008

Tough for a sensitive kid

My child was sooo excited to see this movie, and I willingly took him after reading the positive review from the CS website. And then the movie started...he was shocked and saddened when the robot left his bug friend back on earth and even started to cry. Then Wall-E gets beat up pretty badly - more tears. But, what really upset him was how alone Wall-E felt and the lack of compassion from the other characters (until near the end of course)- that was hard on a sensitive child, even though I kept telling him it would all turn out well in the end. My child found this movie depressing, and I wouldn't recommend it for kids who are not yet hardened and desensitized to social woes. This is definitely not a gentle friendly movie.
Adult Written bymomincolorado April 9, 2008

Made me feel good, too...

I loved this movie, and so did my 6-year-old. My husband thought it was just okay, and my 11-year-old thought it was good and it reminded her of E.T. I am still thinking about it, and might even take the kids to see it again before it leaves theatres. Just as a note, there is a very sad part towards the end of the film (think E.T.)and my 6-year-old cried for quite a while during and after the movie, until we reminded her of the happy ending (over and over again).
Adult Written byteamcovert April 9, 2008

Great movie for the whole family!

We took our nearly 4-year old to see Wall-E this weekend. While mom & I really enjoyed the movie, we could tell parts of it were a little hard for him to follow (The first 30 minutes or so have very little dialog). He still really enjoyed it, but I'd probably recommend waiting until your child is 5-6. Minor cartoon violence with robots occasionally shooting at each other. No cursing or sexual innuendos. For sake of comparison, our son absolutely LOVES Pixar's Cars and Finding Nemo (although the little girl with braces scares him) He was not scared by any part of WALL-E. Excellent movie for kids a little but older with ample opportunity to discuss social/environmental and commercialism issues. Two thumps up!
Adult Written bycsmmom April 9, 2008

Might be over kids' heads

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. My kids (7 1/2 and 4 1/2) did too but they didn't "get" a lot of it. I also heard a lot of other kids in the theater who sounded confused and other parents agreed it was "older" than they expected. The kids didn't understand why the people were so fat, what WAL-E was doing in the beginning, where he was (it's so different from earth that they didn't recognize it), and why he wasn't talking at the end. My kids weren't bothered by the lack of dialogue. There were A LOT of questions during and afterwards though. Nothing inappropriate - just be prepared to explain issues of excess consumerism, gluttony, and environmental concerns! And don't assume your kids will inherently understand the point of the movie unless they are older.
Adult Written byImaMira April 9, 2008

a wonderful movie

This was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Very enjoyable (it made me laugh out loud!) and no objectionable content. How refreshing that I didn't have to be worried about inappropriate violence, sexual innuendo, etc. I saw it with another mom and a group of kids ages 3.5-8 yrs. Probably a lot went over the head of the 3.5 yr old, but he still had a good time and wasn't bored. It is a fairly slow-paced movie, but is rich with visual detail so there's plenty to look at and will hold kids' attention. The movie has an obvious environmentalist message but is very uplifting, and humans are ultimately shown in a positive light. In addition to environmentalism, the movie also promotes other positive social messages - friendship, loyalty, being brave enough to do what you think is right even when others are not, perseverance, and hope - just to name a few. Fun to watch - I recommend it!
Adult Written bydisneydad April 9, 2008
Adult Written byJenPete April 9, 2008

Great stuff!

It's so seldom we can take our young children to the theater, so we were thrilled with Wall-e, which provided visually appealing entertainment for the whole family complete with good storytelling, plenty of clear messages and a happy ending. Clear messages about obesity, commercialism, environmentalism (and lack thereof). Some might not appreciate the clear lessons this movie obviously is promoting. Others might not even get those! Nice graphics, great characters. This is one we'll be buying to add to our VERY small collection for viewing time and again.
Adult Written byTom Waller April 9, 2008
Adult Written bySara Burnhart April 9, 2008