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This raucous, boisterous comedy is not for kids.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byFridaythe13th June 25, 2009


This movie is great for thirteen years old. It just show a couple scenes of nudity for a short time, but other than that it could of been for 13 years old.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Parent of a 1, 8, 9, and 14 year old Written bythejokerspencil January 21, 2009

So Very Funny, So Very Sexual

Much sexuality but is one of the few that makes up for it.
Teen, 13 years old Written bychanchan191 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byPoptartpm April 9, 2008
Adult Written byus5boers April 9, 2008
Adult Written byRDHmom April 9, 2008

It was hilarious...but for adults ONLY!

I really enjoyed this movie, it was very funny. However...I will not allow my 15 year old daughter to see it!
Parent of a 6 and 9 year old Written byMissi April 9, 2008

greatest movie since american wedding!!!!

i really liked this movie. it's hilarious!! great combination of american wedding and old school!!! definitely go see it. you won't be dissappointed!!
Teen, 16 years old Written byfatcat April 9, 2008

Most Innappropriate Sexual Dialogue/Situations Ever

I have seen Eurotrip, Road Trip, Harold and Kumar, and Team America and this by far has the most innapropriate dialogue. Some parts were very funny funny, but some parts were pushing the limits and making my dad, my friend, and I very uncomfortable. This movie depicts many kinds of weird and sometimes hilarious sex scenes and creates bad morals for other kids. I wish I waited till network TV and if you have a kid who wants to see it, make them wait till it comes on network TV. But adults who don't mind a lot of sex jokes, It will be a good night for them at the movies.
Teen, 15 years old Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008
Adult Written bycountchocula April 9, 2008

I don't remember when I laughed this hard, but...

Speaking as a comedy fan and also as a Vince Vaughn fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard and this often at a movie and I'm sure I'll be quoting it for months. Movie-wise, it's only flaw was that it could've stood to be about 15 minutes shorter. CONTENT-wise is another story. It definitely earned it's R rating within the first 15 minutes, with numerous F-words and a lot of bare breasts. Surprisingly though, the only actual "sex scene" comes in the form of "the dinner table scene". Bottom line: Older teens (I'd say the R is right on, because even 16 might be too young) and adults will have a ball at this movie.
Adult Written byTVDirector April 9, 2008

Good comedy

While I grant that the last act of this film falls apart trying to turn a frat boy style comedy into something more altruistic, the first 90 minutes really are funny, sophomoric but funny and make a nice weekend diversion.
Teen, 16 years old Written byartificialfruit April 9, 2008
Adult Written byLISAFIELDS April 9, 2008


This movie is vulgar, sophmoric, lewd, innapropriate and degrading. The charactors are all despicable in their own ways and the plot is nothing more than a vehicle for yet more objectification of women via bare breasts.
Teen, 15 years old Written bySleeplesschick13 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byYankeeman242003 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byKing Perry April 9, 2008

The Funniest Movie.. ever.

If you are a fan of movies like Old School, you will love this movie. Vince Vaughn is hilarious, and Owen Wilson is just as funny. I recommend this to anyone in High School or older.
Adult Written bycutypa2ty April 9, 2008

over the top crass

Shocked to see nudity within the first 15 minutes of the film Characters are incredibly shallow . . . and yet the film tries to make them likable, as if the bahavior is excusable. They all win in the end regardless of so many poor choices.
Teen, 17 years old Written bysarah418 April 9, 2008


hilarious movie! inappropriate for 14 and under simply because they wouldn't understand!
Adult Written bydan-ee-chuk April 9, 2008
Teen, 13 years old Written bymoviegeek222 April 9, 2008