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Wrenching drama about child custody can spark discussion.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byBlueHorse January 5, 2014

This is a fantastic movie

This movie is really really good. The director has some absolutely beautiful shots. The young girl, Maisie's actress does very well for a child her age. Although, this movie is hard to watch. The parents are always fighting, the mother marries to get back at the father who married, and they often neglect Maisie. The language is bad when her two parents fight. Maisie does find good in Lincoln and Margo, her parents' spouses. Eventually, after the father leaves, the mother basically gives up so maisie can be with Lincoln and Margo, who are much better guardians.
Teen, 16 years old Written bySean Broucek June 10, 2013

Heart-Wrenching Drama For Mature Kids.

Parents, this movie based on the celebrated novel by Henry James has some heated arguing and thematic material, but is fine for mature kids. Violence is pretty low, but includes heart-wrenching scenes of arguing. Some people may get upset watching this film, because of the elements of divorce and child imperilment. No sexuality. There Is some language, which includes s--t and f--k, but nothing else. Rated PG-13 For Emotional Thematic Material, Some Brief Violence, & Language.
Adult Written bywonder dove August 19, 2013

2 Thumbs Up!!

This movie is beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a side of Julianne Moore I've never seen before. Her rock star character was bold and somewhat unlikable, which was different. The cast is excellent and the little girl who plays Maisie was fantastic! This story is about a very busy unwed couple, Susanna and Beale, who no longer get along and are separated. But their sweet daughter Maisie is caught between them while she witnesses her parents' constant arguing when they are together. Maisie is passed around from caregiver to caregiver after her mother becomes jealous of her long-time nanny Margo. Margo and Maisie have a special bond that cannot be broken but when Susanna discovers that Margo and her ex Beale are seeing each other, she freaks out and wants nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, to get back at Beale, Susanna marries a handsome young bartender named Lincoln while Beale marries Margo but their love for one another on both sides isn't really there. Lincoln soon becomes attached to Maisie too and they both share a close bond that steals your heart, but it frustrates Susanna when she see's her daughter happy around everyone but her, causing her to start unnecessary arguments with Lincoln. In the end, things start to unfold and Susanna realizes that Maisie's happiness is most important. It's sad and heartwarming at the same time. Language is strong but not too frequent, some f-words in front of a child along with other curse words. Violence includes lots of arguing and yelling, and neglecting a small child. Sexual content is mild - a woman marries a younger man she just met right after splitting up with Maisie's father, some brief flirting and a sweet kiss. Some smoking and drinking but not frequent. Excellent for 14+ who don't mind a bit of curse words but highly recommended to adults.
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