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Dumber-than-average family comedy won't even impress kids.

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Parent of a 5 and 8 year old Written byAppleNell December 23, 2010

Hey hey, Boo-Boo: It Could Have Been Worse

After being completely traumatized by "Tangled," it was kind of nice to see a movie so banal and uncomplicated that even the most timorous toddler (or overanalytical parent) will survive it with nary a tremor. I set my kid movie nadir at "Beverly Hills Chihuahua," and my acme at movies like "Meet the Robinsons," "Princess and the Frog," "Up," and "Despicable Me." This was modestly above the sybarite canids, and measurably below the top of the heap. Nevertheless, it was gently entertaining, harmless, and features appealing voice talent for the CGI bears and very decent acting by the male and female leads. The villains are cartoonish and inept. The story is thin as Mae West's peignoir, but it's positive. This is not a movie you need to see in 3D, as the combination of live and CGI characters undermines much of the effect's power. In a nutshell: if, like us, you ended up missing the movie you meant to see, don't be afraid to take the younger set to it. Both my kids liked it very much.
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Parent of a 6 and 6 year old Written byEyeball May 9, 2011
We all enjoyed this movie as a family, everyone got a laugh, just like the old days watching Yogi Bear cartoons!
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Parent Written byTXBoysMom April 1, 2011

It is what it is--a funny movie geared for younger kids

I am surprised that this movie got so many negative reviews. I have 3 and 6 y/o boys, and our movie night choices are made with them in mind. I need a movie that my 6 y/o wont reject as babyish, but one that isnt scary or inappropriate for the preschooler. This led us to Yogi Bear. Both my boys thought this movie was great and laughed out loud throughout it. I found it cute and not annoying, which is what I hope for when I get a movie for a kindergartener and preschooler. Yes, the plot is thin to non-existent and the dialogue isnt going to win any Oscars. But its cute with a positive message, there is a bad guy but he isnt at all scary, theres a love interest but it stays goofy rather than sexual, and the only objectionable joke/language was the playing of the Sir Mixalots song with the line -I like big butts- (which of course made the 6 y/o roll on the floor laughing). OK, I could have definitely done without that bit, but all things considered, this movie is lighthearted fun appropriate for younger ages and up. I wish there were more movies like this.
Parent of a 4, 11, and 13 year old Written byposhparent January 2, 2011

My family thinks common sense got this one wrong!!!

Just saw this with my pre-schooler and we loved it! I am not sure why the reviewer called it dumb? I am very careful about what I show my children. I was not sitting on pins and needles, waiting for the moment I would need to turn my daughters head so she didn't see something that should never have been in childs movie to begin with. Good clean fun and a lot of laughs!!!
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Adult Written bybasbel October 7, 2011

stupid waste of time stinks

i think this is the worst movie i have seen in years. i would rather jump off a cliff. then see yogi bear. it is so stupid that you do not ever get it the jokes are dumb the plot..... a waste. and there paying ten bucks a person to see trash? DO NOT WASTE TIME there are manny good movies out there. i had to sit there and it was .......................... boring eighty minutes of..... junk
Parent of a 5 year old Written byJYDB March 24, 2011

Good kid movie. As simple as that!

I have to say that we loved this movie because for once in a long time I didn't have to pray that my kids didn't say the words that were said in the movie or that they wouldn't catch on to some adult innuendo that I didn't want to explain. This is a wholesome movie that teaches kids to appreciate their National Parks and is extremely innocent. Sometime it is nice just to take your kids to a real kids movie and not expect that it entertain adults at the same time. It was great and my kids 4 and 5. Loved it!
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Parent of a 3, 6, 7, and 11 year old Written byjk2137 December 22, 2010

No Lessons, Just Entertainment

I took my 7 yr. old granddaughter to see this and we enjoyed it for what it was - an hour and a half of entertainment. Other than Yogi stealing picnic baskets, there were no bad deeds left unpunished. The ranger is a good role model. He takes his job seriously and even when he is transferred to another park, he does as he is told without trying to extract revenge. The jokes aren't forced and there is no sex nor sexual innuendo and this is rare for any movie today, even Disney movies.
Parent of a 3, 3, 5, 7, and 8 year old Written bymomy4six April 15, 2011

Laughs for little ones.

My kids thought the action was very funny. It helps introduce the outdoors, especially to kids who don't get to experience them very often.
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Parent of a 3 year old Written byStrawberry4605 April 21, 2011

Loved it!

My 3 year-old loved it! It can be a bit violent at times for someone that young, but never scary. Good overall message.
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Kid, 6 years old April 14, 2011
Parent of a 4 year old Written bywmhurl February 5, 2011

four and up...

Finally a movie that doesn't make me want to fast forward the scary or violent parts. Great message about saving the environment and endangered species and enjoying our parks!
Parent Written bymr jag January 15, 2011

Perfectly entertaining and harmless for the 4-year-old set. Parents, bring a book!

We saw this movie because there wasn't anything else in the theaters on a cold winter day.
Adult Written byLowe's man September 7, 2014

A better movie than you say it is.

Although the movie isn't as good as it would've been if Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera would've been alive and able to give advice, it would've been a tall order to expect it to be. The producers did their best and stayed loyal to the cartoon. Ranger Smith was obviously disgruntled once gone from Jellystone, but, with Yogi and Boo-Boo's help, he was able to save Jellystone and expose what Mayor Brown was up to. (To some extent Mayor Brown reminds me of James Dobson.) Once Mayor Brown is out of the picture, his deeds having been exposed, it's back to business as usual at Jellystone. Ranger Smith obviously takes his job seriously. Yogi attempts to steal picnic baskets, but- if I remember the movie right- he doesn't get away with it. The movie also emphasizes the beauty and importance of state and national parks. While nostalgic adults could feel either way about this movie, kids will love it. Good lessons for kids too.
Parent of a 6 year old Written byMemphisMaestro June 8, 2014

Boring, unoriginal

Opt for board game night, this movie is extremely boring. I may have laughed once and it is supposed to be a comedy! Plot is completely unoriginal and the acting is in the B movie realm. Terribly entertainment value!
Kid, 10 years old August 30, 2013

This time, Common Sense Media is correct. This is like such a boring movie!

The action in this movie is NOT like in animated movies, Even in 3-D. Warner Bros. would have failed at making this movie!
Kid, 10 years old June 14, 2013

Good movie for kids

We watched this movie and thought it was really good. My younger daughter got scared at the part where Yogi's cape catches on fire but she was only 5. So I think this movie should be for ages 6 & up. We thought the movie was funny and good for kids. We give this movie 4 stars!
Kid, 10 years old March 25, 2013

funny movie

i likee this movie.
Kid, 9 years old December 26, 2012

I loved this movie! Why doesn't CSM give it at least 3 stars?

There really isn't anything wrong with this movie! If you let you're child watch, say, Alvin and the Chipmunks then they will find this movie absolutely hilarious! PS: if you don't like potty humor you won't like this movie.
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Parent Written bypjpjm August 7, 2012

AWESOME movie for little ones

We LOVE this movie. Yogi Bear is so funny and my kids (4,4, and 6) actually quote this movie to be funny. The crazy adventures are a ton of fun and there is nothing in this movie that is inappropriate for young children (which is impressive because so many "kid" movies try to cater to adults and kids and in so doing include language or scenes that are not appropriate for kids).
Kid, 12 years old July 27, 2012

A few laughs, but often dumb. Won't even inspire kids.

My rating: G
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