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Parent Written byamberg2 January 15, 2016


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Adult Written byHiddlesSkittles January 1, 2015


The person who wrote this article has no taste in music. This album is amazing, and so is the band. Sex is not a new concept if your child is over 12 so you really don't need to worry about that. The music is fun to listen too and Brendon is definitely a talent.
Adult Written bybeardfish January 27, 2015

An all-time classic.

From the lyrics to the themes to the entire execution of this album, everything is superb. Brendon Urie's vocals are often called ''whiny'' or ''annoying'' but they are neither and fit the music perfectly. This is a perfect example of how pop and rock can work together, and no, they're not an ''emo'' outfit. Go look up Texas Is The Reason if you want emo, this is just poprock.
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Too much sex
Parent of a 1, 12, and 14 year old Written bymamaof3 May 31, 2010

Wondrous, appealing music...for those who can appreciate the fact that it's Pretty Odd :)

I am a colossal Fall Out Boy fan, so it was only a matter of time before I discovered the genius that is Panic! At the Disco. I listened to Pretty. Odd. before A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (big mistake; Fever is so much better.) I'm not sure what was being reviewed, 'cuz it sure wasn't this. "Over-processed and monotonous vocals, tedious special effects, songs that don't really work thematically or musically"? I think not! Yeah, they touched it up. No, it's not over-bearing or unpleasant! Brendon Urie's vocals are astounding and alluring. Most (not all) of the songs are strangely appealing. Here's a song by song breakdown: Introduction- 1/5: Useless. The Only Difference- 4/5 Pretty good. Had to grow on me, but good. London Beckoned Songs- 3/5 The s-bomb gets dropped twice; weird lyrics, even for Panic!, but not bad. Nails for Breakfast- 3/5 It has an infectious beat, but I often skip this one... Camisado- 2/5 Eh. -shrugs- Time to Dance- 5/5 AWESOME song, one of my favorites. -Shotgun: wedding! Shotgun: wedding!!- Lying is the Most Fun- 2/5 The f-bomb gets dropped, definitely the most, erm, sexually inappropriate song on the album. I don't care for it. Intermission- 1/5 Again: useless. But It's Better If You Do- 2/5 Eh. -shrugs- I Write Sins Not Tragedies- 4/5 Yes! If you don't mind the swearing. I Constantly Thank God- 2/5 Eh. -shrugs- There's a Good Reason- 5/5 One of my favorites, it has irresistible flair and drama. The chorus is odd (Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer, I've never looked better and you can't stand it) but the rest of it is EPIC! Build God, Then We'll Talk- 4/5 No, I don't like the sexual part of it either, but it could be worse. I'd recommend this album to anyone who has a good enough head on their shoulders not to take the lyrics seriously. Enjoy!
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written bypumpkin4 April 9, 2008

The best band ever!!!!!!

My daughter recieved this album in 5th grade. It doe say the "f" word, but that i normal in most music nowadays. And parents, if you think this cd is "inapropriate" then you are way too overprotective! This cd is great for people ages 10-100!!!!!
Adult Written byfurballer April 9, 2008

Just plain good music.

I am starting to like the critics of this site less and less. Panic! At the Disco is a new band, and they are trying some very unique ideas. You cannot simply say "They are repetitive" without fully grasping what the reppetitiveness means. You say they are self absorbed, but i think that you are being very self absorbed yourselves. Just listen to it, don't listen to the lyrics. Listen to the music, the melody, the rhythm, the tune. There is some sexual content, but that can be forgiven. Afterall, just look at Spongebob.
Adult Written byG3 April 9, 2008
Parent Written byMetalHeadMum April 14, 2016

A Fever Even I Can't Sweat Out!

The original review of this album is absolutely ridiculous, yes there is reference to sex and a few sexually explicit lines, but if your child understands these then I think they are old enough to understand that sex isn't a game. And compared to current mainstream artists the sexual content is minimal. The "weirdness" of this band only adds character to the album. Better to stand out from the crowd than become another 1D.
Adult Written byheybrittany June 14, 2015
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent of a 12 year old Written by301TheAmazingSo... March 27, 2011

A good first effort.

As a more relaxed parent, I have no concern on the content. This band has made a good effort on their first album. It's not perfect (the singing comes off as a little bit whiny sometimes, and some of the song titles are very long and emberrasing to say), but it's a great effort. They've obviously put work in here. "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" and "Build God, Then We'll Talk Kid" are very catchy. There is room for improvement, but this isn't a waste of time and money at all.
Parent of a 10 and 12 year old Written byCaoimheMorana September 14, 2010

Fine for mature children

I'm a fan of this album as the songs are catchy and mostly upbeat. Both my 10 & 12 year olds like the songs. But do be aware that the language mentioned in the review above is not all. In the same song as the one that mentions the "groom's bride is a whore" also, repeatedly (it's in the chorus), says "haven't you people ever heard of/closing a g-d d*mn door..."
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Parent of a 17 year old Written byR.J. Sweetstare January 30, 2010


it is only right to express their feelings through music, because that is what they are, and whatever they are, it is not our thing to discriminate(the band), because so many reviews here are just only take from the LYRICAL CONTENT of the album, even though there are so many topics on it that are malicious(for heaven's sake), are just natural for the people to see and hear, because these things are really happening in almost every community, let the kids get the picture and just advice them this: "whatever things you have been hearing through that album, let yourself not be like that" perhaps all things in this world can be a good example or bad, it's up to us on how we take the responsibility upon ourselves and to our kids... I named it MUSIC over LYRICS because, in MUSIC the music comes first before it's meaning, just because of a simple answer "think how is music if it only have lyrics on it? can it be called music after all? music is the melody, event though modern music is full of songs that are with vocal and lyrics, the music comes first, try doing music with so much lyrical content and you and your kids mostly will not understand for the reason it will be so deep, and if you want it lyrics over music, just don't do music, just write an essay, don't sing, even the greatest musician of all time could not do that I religiously BET. so let free of your kids if they want to have a try on listening this album, the style is unique, in every ways you would come to hear it, dissect it and it's very rare in terms of sound, arrangement, phrasing, beats, effects, backdrops, leftover-pick up, and most of all the songs are driving, the circus effect will keep you imbalanced on your ears, the strong and powerful vocalization will give you the stunning effect, the bass lines are drawing a good post, the drums are very in tacked into the groove and over all, their music is very INTERESTING.... :P
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Too much sex
Adult Written byI Love Movies April 9, 2008
Adult Written bysoccer girl7 April 9, 2008

Ok the reviewer b4 me needs to chill!!!

First of all this cd is average, there is nothing unique or special bout it but its fun 2 listen 2. And if u like FOB u will def. like Panic! At the disco, cuz they do sound exactly the same! This cd is just ok, personally i'm more of punk rock like sum 41, story of the year, ect. But i must admit i like their beats some of them remind me of Hollywood Undead (which i love) OK they r not the best cd of all time or w/e so don't say that crap, and by the way person b4 me don't get mad over nothing and be like 'why did u review it' ok don't give us that sh*t
Adult Written byRiddle_Me_This April 9, 2008

A Very good Album

I have listened to this Album many times, and it never bores me. I think the Message isn't all that great, only 2 songs have bad language. "I write sins, not tragedies" has the words like Whore, and God Damn. The song "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off." (The titles are very long) has the uses of the F-word several times, but thats about it. The rest is good Punk Rock music.
Adult Written bySomething Profound April 9, 2008


Panic! At The Disco's demo songs were better than the album, but the album itself was incredible. Ryan Ross doesn't sound like Patrick Stump, and the sound of the music is totally different, P!ATD being more synth or piano driven, and FOB being more about the guitars. The best tracks on the album in my opinion were "There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet" and "Build God, Then We'll Talk." I loved the pop culture references in the album, and the social critique of the scene.
Adult Written byJessica! At the... April 9, 2008

This Changed My Life.

Okay. So, about a year or so ago, I started to get really into music. I had heard about this CD on Fall Out Boy's website ( and I was also interested because it was on Pete Wentz (my idol)'s record label (DecayDance). I purchased the CD and now, I listen to it almost every day. To me, the songs and the words have a real meaning of feelings. The band members (Brendon, Ryan, Jon, Spence) all have exceptional talent. I'll admit, there is sexual reference, and swearing on the CD, but, kids who are old enough to like Panic!, would understand what that means. I would definetely reccommend this CD to any pop, rock, punk, or electronica music fans.
Adult Written bykhillier April 9, 2008

This CD is more complex than it seems

Okay, first of all, the members of Panic! At the Disco are kids themselves (18-20). The lyricist/guitarist Ryan Ross Has been writing for a while, sure they are young and with youth comes inexpereice. With the circus theme they used that to catch attention and they said they enjoyed getting to dress up. I think it comes down to this being their debute album they wanted to stir up a little controversy, and it worked! As far as the extreamly long song titles, they do compliment the song. "Build God, Then We'll Talk" the last song on the CD deals fake displays of affection/relationships. Overall I enjoyed the variety of instrument and lyrical cliches.