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Kid, 11 years old May 29, 2013


I wish kids were still into things like this, sadly, I got stuck in this generation. This album is phenomenal. Aerosmith is the legend of American rock music. Yes, it has a few inappropriate phrases, but I still think a mature 9 year old and up can handle it. I actually think anyone can handle it. Because, unlike today's pop culture, Aerosmith doesn't talk about sexuality the whole song as frequently.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 14 years old Written bybrandonneo6425 December 20, 2012

Dream On!

Best Aerosmith album besides "Pump"!Some innuendo to watch out for,along with "ass" in "Sweet Emotion"Best song on album is either "Dream On" or "Back in the Saddle".
Kid, 11 years old May 7, 2011

Best Band Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

aerosmith is my most favorite band in the world!!!!!!!!!! i love their songs. especially dream on, which encourages me to do my best and keep on dreaming. language is barely an issue and basically they only refer to kissing and nothing more then that. (BASICALLY! i didn't say ALWAYS!)
What other families should know
Great messages
Kid, 12 years old June 26, 2010

Great, appropriate music!

These songs are very good! One thing is, is that when you are listening, you dont really realize what theyre saying most of the time. Aerosmith is a very good band, and they hardly use bad language, etc. I would recommend listening to their music, you will enjoy it.
Kid, 11 years old June 7, 2009


aerosmith is one of the greatest bands to ever to have rocked~
Teen, 14 years old Written byVolcanoTaco January 9, 2009

Pretty good music for the 13 and up crowd for those teens who are interested.

I dont have this album but have basicly heard all the songs from Guitar hero aeorsmith and Aerosmith: Devils Got a New disguise. Language is nothing but a line in Sweet Emotion: "Girl you Just Stand There Shakin YO A-- To basicaly quote CSM, its tame to todays rock.