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Soundtrack is a bit darker than the Tim Burton movie.
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Kid, 10 years old June 28, 2014

Welcome to mystery ♥

A fantastic collection of songs for fans, but shows feelings that you don't get from Alice's innocently curious personality. I love the slightly more gothic Alice that shows in this series of songs, and there are few I have a problem with. Follow me Down is a song that I have studied very intently whilst I listened, and my conclusion is that how many times you listen to it depends on how much you like. For example: First time- This is upbeat •v• Second time- am beginning to doubt this...•_• Third Time- This guy's voice is annoying •/• Fourth time- I don't like this •^• You know what I mean? Probably not.
I also have a few problems with 'Tea Party': even though I quite like this song, but the themes are a little dodgy- try and nibble my biscuits? I mean, that has two meanings but the sexual one is way too obvious to be on a children's album. She doesn't really swear, but comes close to it with 'fother mucka' the music stops, and you can hear her perfectly, just as she says it. This would be unacceptable, apart from the fact that it is a decent song, and a more clean one, compared to most songs we have now-a-days (I sound like an old lady all of a sudden...)
There are plenty of songs I love, though. Alice by Avril is my personal favourite. No swearing, no sexual themes, just a good song for a person of any age. I also love Welcome to mystery and the Technicolor phase. I suggest you try these out, as these are the high points of the whole album. Of course, the album is not everybody's cup of tea (yes, sorry for the pun,) due to the emotional state of songs and mild sexual themes. Thanks for reading my review,

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Teen, 13 years old Written byKidquizine March 20, 2012

Almost Alice

danypeace10- it's pronounced "three oh three" I love that song "Follow Me Down" it's an awesome song. The song is really good however it gets annoying. The song "Alice" is also a good song me and my friends love that song!!
Teen, 14 years old Written byMerlinFan August 28, 2011

Dark Songs, Great CD

I really like this CD. I had to get it as soon as it came out! My favorite songs are "Alice", "Tea Party", "Strange", and "White Rabbit". I don't think it's inappropriate, just if your not 12, you won't understand the song's messages. They are quite dark, though, isn't that the point?
Kid, 11 years old May 27, 2011

follow me down is kinda annoying

I only have "Follow Me Down" by 3OH!3 from this cd on my iPod. It gets kinda annoying after 5 times of listening to it. I still don't know how you pronounce 3OH!3.
Teen, 13 years old Written bymusicjesusfreak September 27, 2010

Smooth, cool alt. rock compilation has something for everyone.

Some complex and semi-not so happy songs, but its mostly good alternative rock. No cursing or stuff like that, but it's all based on the already strange, and made stranger by Tim Burton, world of Alice in wonderland. Some songs about unhappiness, but you can always overlook that. It' all good music. Enjoy!
Teen, 14 years old Written byEspumaMarina September 14, 2010

Good Songs, but make me feel more suicidal...

I like it, although when I listen to it at school I get extremely depressed.. (those are the only songs on my MP3 anyway because the blasted thing deleted the rest of the songs) Some songs are pretty good, some songs I wonder if the artists even know they stink (no offence) Avril Lavine was really good, the TeaParty songs okay, sorta. "Where's my Angel" is a song I like, but concerns me. It sort of has a good rythem, but it has a whole suicidal refrence "Where's my angel.. go on and take my life" and "This will be the last dance"- "I need someone here tonight" its pretty depressing. I like that one song take me down, it seems to be much more cheerful. The rest down me, I like it, but like I said, it makes me feel gray, although it might not for others. Then again I'm too sensitive and have some sort of emotional problem, but I digress.
I'd suggest kids maybe 12 and over, I know thats extreme, I'm just saying thats MY way, because If I had young kids, I'd try to fill their lives with cheerful things for awhile because that was something I lacked many times growing up.
(Getting off the subject, sorry)

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Kid, 10 years old April 19, 2010
me and my child love we thing it is a fun way to make friends online

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Teen, 13 years old Written bymangafreak327 March 18, 2010

Avril is anything but whiny. Hot Topic CD version is different.

First of all, I must make a correction to what was said in the review by commonsense. Avril Lavigne's song "Alice" is one of the best on the CD. It could have gone without the Owl City song, that's not even real music, that's a computer. Now that I have that out of the way, let's talk about the different versions of the CD. If you buy the CD on iTunes, yes it's perfectly acceptable for any age, aside from drug+alcohol references. The Hot Topic version of the CD (which is what I bought) has one song on it that pushes it a little, which is "Sea What We Seas" by Never Shout Never. He's a fantastic artist, but he likes to swear. He says 'Life is just a melody so why don't all the p*ssy people come along and sing it with me." and sings it repeatedly about 10 or so times. But other than that, it's a great song.