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Adult Written byandthentherewere4 April 9, 2008

Not so much for the kids...

As an adult, I loved this CD, however, I don't think I would give it to a child to listen to. Teens and up.
Adult Written byqtpiekira April 9, 2008

I loved every song!

It is rare that an album comes along that is catchy enough to keep my attention through the entire set. However, it's not all fun and games; if you get this for your kid, they may ask "Mommy, what is THC?" Besides that, the album is great fun and easy to sing along to after a few listens.
Parent of a 9, 12, and 18+ year old Written byrainrider778 January 5, 2009

explicit mania

its almost creepy how much she says 4 letter words
Adult Written byhighfivegirl123 April 9, 2008

The Best CD Ever!

Usually, with a CD, like 2 of the songs are good and the rest you just skip through to hear the good songs. But with this CD, all the songs are good, and you should totally buy it because they're all so catchy, and hippy, and awesome! :-) And the most iffy thing is the song "Not Big" where she insults her ex-boyfriend, and she says that he doesn't have a big penis (it's not that outright, though). They have a few cuss words here and there, but if your kid is mature and responsible, than they can totally handle it. You might want to, right before giving your kid the CD, say something like "I'm giving you this CD because I believe that you are mature enough to listen to it, but I really don't want to hear you repeating any bad words you hear on it." All of the cuss words are probably nothing they haven't heard before if they are like 10+. :-) Have a great time listening to this awesome CD by the best singer ever!!!!