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Teen, 13 years old Written bythedutchess April 9, 2008
age 0+

Ashlee's most musically diverse attempt yet

Sexual Content: Nothing excplicit. "I'll be you sunshine concubine" in "Murder", "Here she comes, sunday school girl wanting some" and "Showoff, she just wanna take her clothes off little c*nt" in "Hot Stuff". Violence: Ashlee appears angry. Rulebreaker declares her love for fighting. Murder relates to how a girl is so popular that she could get away with murder. In Outta My Head she threatens to bite your head off and in Follow You Wherever You Go she says "He don't know that I got her tied up in the back of my raintruck- SHUT UP! Know you want me, she's just in the way. I'll just tie her to the back and hit the highway". Language: All language is blanked out. F*cking, muthaf*ckas, and c*nt are all bleeped out. Shut up and stupid are used a couple of times. (Not blanked out) Social Behaviour: Rulebreaker celebrates being a "bada**" in Ashlee's words and "Here she come, sunday school girl wantin' some" is not the best example for children. Commercialism: Not an issue. Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco: "Drinkin' till my tummy full" in "Rulebreaker" and "I think I've had too much to drink" in "Hot Stuff". Bittersweet World Pause for 14+ This is a terrific album with some great party tunes, however there is quite a bit of violent lyrics and spread out four letter words (bleeped out but still reconisable), along with a bit of added sexual innuedo. Overall, I rate it a pause for 14+. Enjoy!