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A good, honest blend of rock and punk.
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Parent of a 12-year-old Written by301TheAmazingSo... March 22, 2011

A pretty good album.

First of all, I love Blink-182. I purchased their first album Cheshire Cat when it came out in 1994. I also loved Dude Ranch. On Enema Of The State, they went a more pop-punk sound, but it was still very good. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket was their best album, other then Dude Ranch. However, this album is very different from the other ones. On the first four albums, "Adam's Song" and "Stay Together For The Kids" were the most emotional songs. Other then that, it was mostly joking around. But here, most of the songs are mature. It's a change in style, but it's still a good album. Great for kids who like alternative rock/pop-punk.
Parent of a 8-year-old Written byDesperate Dude February 12, 2011
They sneek the F word in occassionally - so if you have this on your I tunes library then anyone who connect up is exposed.

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Parent of a 15-year-old Written byblink4ever October 23, 2010

perfect for 2 year olds

Blink 182 is AWESOME as well as their 4 letters words fu** fu** fu** bi***** Take off your pants and jacket is epic!!!

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Adult Written bydoubledDD December 16, 2009

Blink 182

Dan Detloff
Eng. 091 Healy
Blink 182 the Self-Titled Album
In 1992, three teens from Poway, California, set out to start a band that would later become a house hold name. Mark Hoppus, lead singer and bass, Tom Delonge, lead singer and guitar, and Scott Raynor, drums/percussion, started the punk-rock band Blink 182, but later Scott Raynor Was fired from the band and replaced by the world famous Travis Barker. Blinks 182 was a tidal wave to the genre of Punk-Rock music. Once Barker was asked to permanently join the band, the group went on to make some of the greatest Punk-Rock albums ever made, the best was their final self-titled album, because of the albums cover, the stats the album built up and the songs and lyrics.
One of the reasons the self titled albums is the best is because of the albums cover. Blink 182’s self titled album has an interesting cover. Barker (drummer) had owned his own clothing brand so he took it upon himself to find a permanent logo for the band in order to use it for his clothing brand. He drew up the album cover which is a smiley face with X’s for eyes and five arrows off to the side. It really has no meaning except for Barker felt the band needed a permanent logo.
This album had great stats for the band, topping the charts. On November 18, 2003, Blink 182 released their longest studio album at about 50 minutes of songs; it included 14 tracks. The main two songs with the most radio play were “Feeling This”, which showed some similarities to the other songs, and “I Miss You”, which showed you a whole new side of the band, a more mature side. This would be the bands last album before the band broke up in 2005. The album sold over 313,000 copies in its first week on the shelves, putting it third on the music charts in the United States. It is a certified platinum album, and since its debut it has sold more than two million copies in the United States alone.
This was considered Blink’s best album out for a few reasons. Obviously people would like the album because of its music. This album like every other band and album has a few singles, but usually the rest of the album would be songs that listeners don’t like all that well. On the contrary, the self-titled album’s alternate songs on the album are great too and could have just as well been singles. Also, the band matured a lot; in past albums the band would slip in gross “Toilet Humor” hidden tracks, usually about various sexual acts whether it is with a grandpa or a dog. This album, however, didn’t show any of these old characteristics. The songs seem to come off almost sincere as heartfelt, thought out songs from serious musicians rather than a band of a bunch of immature twenty-year-olds. Although the band’s past albums had great songs, this album came off so much better because the band’s general attitude had improved and they had become full on musicians now understanding meaningful lyrics.
Blink 182 is a great band. Their ability to put out great albums with great album covers, great lyrics and songs, and selling hundreds of thousands of these albums, made it easy to attract a huge fan base. Although the band was struck with problems causing them to break up, they are now back together, hopefully on to make great new songs and great new albums.
Adult Written byvicky92 September 14, 2009

there's worst things

Even though it has a Parent Advisory on the front cover, it's really no big deal. Iv'e been listening to this album since I was about 11 or 12. love it to the core!!!

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byForknose April 9, 2008

The Most Nifty Appearance of blink-182 since they were a minor label band.

Well this album was very good. The musicians have become much more talented then last time. My favorite songs are Easy Target, Go, and Stockholm Syndrome. Those songs showed the maturity of the band in the plus side. The down side was no crude humour to laugh to. The other downer was that Tom Delonge sang way too much (he isn't as good of a singer as Mark Hoppus is). They swore only 5 times though, so that was pretty good. Overall though, this is their best CD since Buddha.
Adult Written byPink Floyd33 April 9, 2008

I liked this album alot

i got this album and my son loved it too who cares if it cusses like once or twice its great