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Parent Written byasjklas March 5, 2013

For teens and young adults. Catchy, but in the long run, forgettable.

It's relatively decent in comparison to other material in Ke$ha's discography, however, it has some subtle sexual innuendos, alcohol references, and even glamorizes rebellious behavior such as vandalism and theft ("Write our names on the wall in the back of the bar/Steal some bubblegum from the corner Mexi-mart"). It's entertaining for the teens and young adults, that's about it. Musically, "C'mon" is moderately catchy and has a "feel-good" sound to it that will more than likely have you singing along. But Ke$ha's once charming signature "talk-rap" sound is becoming more dull with every single release and in general, this is quite generic and underwhelming in comparison with other pop hits rivaling on the charts.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking