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Teen, 16 years old Written byRae-la September 13, 2012

Ugh...awful song.

Seriously, who would sing this and mean it? This song is just so shallow. I bet even other Disney artists laugh at this song. Bella and Zendaya are my age. Why would they prance around singing this like the little girls who idolize them? And on top of that, who thought it would be a good idea to tell little girls that fashion and looking good is the number one priority? I just don't get this song. If I wanted to listen to a song with the word "kryptonite" in the title, I'd listen to 3 Doors Down, thank you very much. Also, isn't kryptonite supposed to be a bad thing? Like, you're supposed to hate it? Or is the word used here to mean weakness? If it's that, than I guess that makes sense. But any other way...that's just plain weird.
Kid, 11 years old January 22, 2013

Great, Upbeat Song

I think this is a great, funky song. The positive message is that people shouldn't care what other people think about what they wear. For the people who say that caring only about fashion is what the song implies, I would like to say it's not. Bella and Zendaya are the ones who care and they are the ones who want to wear something nice to a party. The song has a really upbeat tune and it sounds really cool
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Kid, 10 years old September 12, 2012


Crap total crap
Kid, 11 years old August 18, 2012


This song is just horrible. These girls are like what, 13? And they're strutting around in short skirts and shorts, strapless shirts, and platium high heels. And don't even mention the makeup! They have the trashiest makeup ever. I guess they have their army paint on. This song revolves around being "Sexy" and "Hot". If Bella Thorne And Zendya Colemen wear these sleezy and skimpy outfits, then 7 year olds will wear the same thing. And don't get me started about the puffy skirts the big roses on their heads. Gosh, that's not fashion. They also mention, "Up in the club". What club, you thirteen year olds? Girls are going to become even more insecure about their bodies, because these anorexic skinny girls with a bunch of makeup and trashy clothes are described as "Cool" and "attractive". Do we really want that? These girls can't even sing. How did they even get on Tv?
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Too much sex
Kid, 12 years old September 4, 2012

Really Disney??

This song is shallow and copied by form other artist. Sounds just like "I'm Sexy And I Know It" almost the same lyrics. Stupid,Vain Typical, Disney Stuff. When I walk in the club. It's easy to see. Sound familiar? When i I walk into the club. This is what I see. They can't get into clubs. DON'T BOTHER. If a 7 or 8 year old watches this video she will think " walking down the runway like a VIP" is important in life. This is the kind of crap that pisses me of. Young girls should just be themselves! Not worry about what society wants them to be!
Kid, 11 years old September 2, 2012

What Has This World Come To?

What in the world is all of this rubbish? I am not a fan of Shake It Up but I watch it once in a while and to tell the truth I am very disappointed. The first time I heard this song I was like what in the world is this? Really? It sounds like they were auto-tuned. There are no positive messages at all. The only thing this song is telling the younger kids is that what you look like is more important than what you look like on the outside. What you look like is not more important it is what it is on the inside. To the person who said that they don't make the songs yes, that is right they do not make the songs but they have a right to say they do not want to sing the song or they can accept it which is what they did. Next time, they need to accept to a song that has more meaning than this rubbish and stop the auto-tune. Enough said.
Kid, 11 years old August 27, 2012

HEY LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

i love this song and i dont know why people say it involves sex talk i think it is great and fun to listen to at a slumber party BUT ...... i kinda agree it doesnt matter what you look like or what you wear but guys pulez stop trashing them they are trying to just have fun i am 10 and i read some of these other reviews and listen they didnt write this they sang it someone else wrote it and their faashion is them being them thats what they want to wear plz give them a break they are just being them thx bye....
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Kid, 11 years old August 15, 2012


i agree with Samantha chocolatecake123! it is a stupid song. the girls use WAY so much autotune, and the music video is crazy weird. bella and zendaya are trying to be cool.
Teen, 14 years old Written bymythoughts July 24, 2013

please read

there just saying fashion is what the love so don't hate
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Teen, 15 years old Written byrebma97 December 1, 2012

Mediocre song

It's sort of catchy, but not a song I'd particularly want to get. I guess it could be considered superficial, but I don't think it's too bad. One thing I don't understand is that they're talking about being "up in the club". They're only fifteen or sixteen. Anyway, this song is fine for kids.
Teen, 17 years old Written byRosebud95 October 15, 2012

A bit catchy

It's little catchy. And the lyrics are basically the same as the lyrics to 'Sexy And I Know It' - except, there's no vulgarity. But I don't know why it talks about "When we up in the club..." They're not old enough; they're not even at least 17!!!
Kid, 12 years old September 28, 2012

Stupid but appropriate

To be honest, it's one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my lifetime. The song idolizes fashion and has no real purpose. These barely teens are "going up to the club". Now, THAT cracked me up. Are 14 year old girls even allowed to go to clubs? Even though its a horrible song, i don't think you should set restrictions for your kids. It's pretty harmless, and this song will probably loose its popularity in a month or so. By then I'm sure your kids won't want to listen to it. If these shallow, stupid girls want to sing about how stylish and hot they are, let them. Lets see what happens.
Kid, 12 years old September 3, 2012

Up in the club really??????????????

Ok i know disney has changed and is trying to grab the older audience but now they've pushed the limit. 1) most kids watching or listing to this song are 3-9 and they dont need 2 know about the club and that stuff. The girls singing the song barley are the age to have drivers licence. 2) song is about fashion. fashion=$$$$$$$$$$$ way too much consumerism 3)bad example for kids like i said before most kids watching this are 3-9 and kids follow what ever they see on the tv. so if the tv says wear inappropriate outfits become super skinny and walk in an inappropriate outfits then guess what the kids are gonna do when they get older 4)waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much autotune. im not sure if they did it on purpose but they sound like 2 singing robots and the girls cant even rap. this song justs DISGUSTS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Kid, 8 years old August 26, 2012


i luv that song.its not appropriate? of course 8 and its perfect
Kid, 12 years old August 18, 2012

I never knew Disney was THIS shallow!

I agree with TWEENMiss and chocolatecake123. Everything about this song is bad. To start, it sounds exactly like LMFAO's Sexy And I Know it. And I hate that song. In addition, those two girls cannot sing or rap at all; they are as autotuned as Ke$ha, or maybe more than her. But the worst part is the lyrics. The whole message of the song is that if you do not devote your life to fashion and looking "hot," you therefore are worthless. What kind of message is that? And the video involves the girls prancing around in strapless shirts and other skimpy outfits. Really, six year old girls who watch that video will want to dress like them, and strive to be as skinny as those girls and become anorexic later on. And that's why I hate the media, because it tells girls to wear trashy clothes and and not eat. These days, I know almost zero girls my age who wear normal clothes, go without makeup, act like sane people, and listen to real music. Please!
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Too much sex
Kid, 12 years old August 17, 2012


This song is awful. Bella and Zendaya don't have the strongest voices, and besides, little girls shouldn't be hearing about being fashionable and sexy. Also, in the music video, the outfits they wore weren't that great. Honestly, this is overall a horrible song.
Teen, 13 years old Written byMiss90s August 15, 2012

My second opinion.

I wrote a review on this before (as TWEENMiss) and I just have one more thing to say. Those high fashion clothes that Bella and Zendaya wear are just too much. I have a better fashion sense than they do, and I wear overalls! What's sad is that girls at a young age idolize these girls and think that the stuff they wear is cool.
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Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Teen, 13 years old Written byFluteplayingtortiose August 15, 2012

Inappropriate and a bad message for girls

Wow talking about 14 year olds up in the club? Not appropriate, the outfits are terrible as always. It's repetitive and they obviously used auto tune. But I will say it is catchy.
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Kid, 10 years old August 13, 2012

Just dumb.

This song is dumb. I watched the video, and in the song, they talked about how they looked so good in their clothes, but the outfits they were wearing were actually really ugly. I agree with TWEENMiss... this song is just... sad... -Samantha (chocolatecake123)
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Too much sex
Teen, 13 years old Written byTWEENMiss August 13, 2012

Not a good song for girls.

Before the song even came out, I knew it had something to do with fashion being more important than anything. It has a bad message and I hate hearing it or seeing the video. Girls need to be themselves and wear what they like instead of listening to what their friends say or what the world says they should look like.
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Too much sex
Too much consumerism