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Teen, 16 years old Written byevolinag August 18, 2013

Some mature themes in incredible pop album

Despite being her most critisized album, "Folklore" is full of powerful songs by one of the world's most gifted pop singers of her time, Nelly Furtado. May it be the magnificant and catchy "Powerless", which gets stuck in your head right after the first time you hear the chorus, or the wonderfully melancholy "Try", which makes you feel exactly what the singer's feeling at the moment. Packed up with several outstanding songs, Furtado really makes this album one of the most memorable of the entire decade. There are rhythms and beats so extraordinary, it's like nothing you've ever heard - in a good way - and marks a great break with the then-modern hip-pop sounds, and still is a great alternative to nowaday's pop music. An especially amazing song in both lyrics and music is "Explode", in which Furtado brings up several mature and sensitive topics in a very skillful way. Still, while not exactly foul-mouthed, the album contains several mature topics that should be listened to by more mature audiences only, and has references to drugs, rape and puberty - especially in the song "Explode". Still, these themes are not lengthen up and are just referenced to briefly.
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