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Adult Written byhelenmirrenrox May 26, 2011

Good Album, some bad songs, some good.

Language - The songs with bad language are - "So What", "Crystle Ball", "Funhouse", and "Mean". These songs include lines such as - "Burn this f*cker down". - "The waiter just dumped my table and gave it to Jessica Simps S**T!" - "The silly S**t I did", - "Meet you on my way to hell", - "Maybe you will go to hell" - and "Use to send me flowers if you f*cked up in my dreams." _ Violence - The songs that have violent content are "So What", "Please Don't Leave Me", and "Funhouse". The lines in those songs are "You're my perfect little punching bag", "The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest", "I wanna get in a fight", "He's gonna start a fight", "Burn this f*cker down" and "now it's full of evil clowns.", also in the song "Mean, there is one mild mention of abuse. _ Sex - The songs with sex in them are "So What", "Bad Influance", "Funhouse", "Glitter in the Air", and "Mean". These songs say - "At least he knows how to hit", "Calm down I know your son said he was at my house", "Tickle is now a rash", "The shower it reminds me how you'd undress me with your eyes", "Now you never touch me and you tell me you are tierd", "Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands", and "I gave my all". _ Drinking - The songs with drinking are "So What", "Crystle Ball" "Bad Influance", Mean, and "Ave Mary A". These songs say "I guess I'll drink my money", "I like it dirty", "Sure I'll have a nother one, it's early", "Tiquella for my friend", "We opened up the wine and we just let it breath, but we should of drank it down while it was so sweet.", "Drinking wine" and lastly "I try to drink about it". _ The songs that are clean and kids can listen to are - "I Don't Believe You", "Sober" "One Foot Wrong", and "All Your Fault". The songs that have some bad content but still have a good message are - "Mean", "Ave Mary A", "Glitter in the Air", and "Crystle Ball". The Songs that have bad messages and content, are - "So What", "Please Don't Leave Me", "Bad Influance", and "Funhouse" .... This album has some bad songs and messages, but underneath it all P!nk is trying to be the best and find out why, and how people get so mean and lie.
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Adult Written bywinningloser712 January 1, 2009

great cd with some few downers

this cd has some fast songs and some sad down songs since she just got divorced theres not a lot of langugue but when there is its pretty bad saying f*ck or sh*t but not a lot of other bad songs the title song (funhouse) is a very catchy song though
Parent of a 6 year old Written byJulie P November 13, 2008

Alot of Fun

So What grew on me so much---the cd is too young for my 7 year old--but my 15 year old neice and her friends love pink. She is a lil angry on this one. Half is really good--half is just ok.