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Adult Written bymartin12329 November 9, 2008

Stop being Homophobic

the song is not inappropriate. It basically says that it is okay to kiss a person of your same gender without being gay or bi. I don't understand why same sex kissing is considered inappropriate. Overall I would say this song is good for eleven and up because they do mention drinking.
Adult Written bycommonsensegal September 25, 2013

Disappointing and good

I love/hate this song. Liking the same sex isn't wrong.
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written bywinningloser712 January 1, 2009


i dont have any thing 2 say but STAY AWAY
Parent of a 8 year old Written byMom knows best April 24, 2010

Not good for anyone with values.

There is too much crap being thrown at the youth of american and the majority of them don't have strong role models to begin.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent of a 10 year old Written bygoodgirladvice December 4, 2009

theres noting wrong..

i cant believe people think kissing a girl is bad, its not. Lesbians could find this offensive. :(
Adult Written byclarence August 5, 2015
What other families should know
Too much sex
Adult Written bycheeser July 2, 2009

A good, but stupid song.

The bad thing is that a girl sings this song.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Adult Written byThe JP Show June 8, 2009

Beware-Singing surronds

Beware of this song. I had to tell my cousin stop singing it, My sister loved it. It is not that interesting to me.
Adult Written bymoviemadness April 10, 2009

Catchy Tune, Negative Messages

As content goes, I Kissed a Girl is blessedly tame compared to many other popular singles. The song never goes farther than kissing, sex-wise, but the messages are not so good. For me the same-sex kiss is a non-issue. Parents, pay attention to the REAL negatives such as using another person to get back at a boyfriend and having a drink to embolden oneself.