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Adult Written byMiddleAgedGeek March 21, 2012

Gorgeous classic from the best band in the world right now

Gorgeous, thoughtful, innovative music. Radiohead are a bunch of geeky geniuses, prodigious skills on their instruments and with their songwriting. Very sharp, intelligent lyrics. Pretty songs and beautiful melodies mask strange time signatures and sometimes an improv-jazz feel -- very few of their songs are easy to learn to play. Radiohead tends to be on the cynical side, but it is cynicism mixed with hope. The over-arching theme of their music is to experience the range of human emotions and human experience without losing identity, sense of self, humanity. Many of their songs are very sad, and deeply cynical. The speaker in some of the songs is unhinged with fear, but on other songs, deeply appreciates the small, perfect moments that pepper our lives. On record the band can come off as chilly and mathematical. What is amazing is, the most chilly songs on their record are the most emotional and deep songs live. The band is even better live than on record. These guys are truly geniuses and the band is probably the best band in the world today. The music can be difficult and challenging but consistently rewards adventurous listeners. They have an almost cult like following -- good luck getting concert tickets. Live, they don't interact very much with the audience, forgoing even spotlights on the members, for disambiguated video images of their hands, faces, and other closeups, and abstracted free form computerized doodlings on the video screens, and LED light shows that are "green friendly" and low carbon footprints. The songs almost always transform live, and there are always two or three songs during a concert that will gut the entire audience and leave them in tears. In Rainbows is one of their most listener friendly and immediate records, with lush melodies for the ballads and thrashing fury for the barnstormers. What is freaky scary is how if you alternate the songs from 1997's OK computer with 2008's In Rainbows, and if you do the cross fade just right, you will notice that the two albums are very obviously meant to be played as one piece. The end of a OK Computer song being the lead in to an In Rainbows song. It's pretty jaw dropping and takes Radiohead to an entirely different level. They are scary good at what they do.
Adult Written bySen0r_Cardgage March 28, 2010

A 2000s masterpiece, but perhaps a bit negative for younger listeners

A very brooding and engaging album from one of the best bands in existence today. For the most part, it's fine for kids, no swear words (except "hell" in the song Nude). Also some slightly negative imagery in the lyrics, assuming your kids can understand what Thom is saying in the first place.