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Adult Written byBailey April 9, 2008

The BEST CD ever since Breakaway

This is a great CD for kids 10+ and adults! A few bad words, (not like the s or f word but like damn and sexy) my personal favorites are Hole, Sober, HAUNTED, Mybe and how i feel. I totally recemend this to some kids, teens and adults!
Adult Written byMichael G. April 9, 2008

Kelly's New Album Rocks My Socks!! can I say? I bought Kelly's second (that I'm aware of) album, "Breakaway", and wasn't that impressed. There were the huge singles, and then there was crappy fillers. But every song on this album is awesome. I've listened to the album probably over 30 times now...honest to god. (Each song's review): "Never Again": I didn't like it at first, but I've grown to like it. 4/5 "One Minute": This song is one of my least favorite songs on the album. But it's still exceptionally good. 3/5 "Hole": I really like this song. 4/5 "Sober": Best song on the album!! Wonderful, powerful ballad. Reminds me sort of "Crazy for You"? "Don't Waste Your Time": Pretty good song. Kelly's vocals I think are a "Judas": A masterpiece!! 5/5 "Haunted": A good spooky, emo song. Love it! 4/5 "Be Still": Not the best song ever. But still not awful! 3/5 "Maybe": This is in a tie with "Sober" as the best song on the album!! Whoohoo!! Very emotional/her vocals show it!! 5/5 "How I Feel": I haven't really listened to this one..From what I've heard, it's good though. 3/5 "Yeah": Oh...forgot about this one...This song sucks...It's so annoying..don't download it! 1/5 "Can I Have A Kiss": A great song...the beginning is the best part; don't really like the chorus. 3/5 "Irvine": I love the lyrics to this song, and it has beautiful music. 4/5 Buy this album!!! Please!!!!