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Adult Written byStryker April 9, 2008
I was eagerly anticipating BSB's new album after their long break. For some reason I doubted the new album would be as memorable and great as 1999's "Millenium" - one of my favourite albums that I own.
But I remained optimistic and wanted to give the group the fair chance first.
Unfortunately, they disappointed me. The first track and already released single "Incomplete" is fairly decent with a tune that's almost right up there with "I Want It That Way" and others, but just doesn't have the same pulling power. The charts around the world seem to reflect that. Incomplete did well nevertheless, reaching as high as number 5 in the big charts in the Netherlands and Germany. But only in the 10's and slipping in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and even at home in the US. I think the Boys went one bridge too far. It's hugely admirable that having made so much fortunte, started doing there own things, they were still inspired and motivated to begin producing a whole new album together and take on the cut-throat competition of the music charts. Though their aim is just to see what happens, realising that their fans bans is now smaller than it was in their hey day, they still give it their best shot to show their fans that they are still doing this primarily for them. There are still screaming girls when you see them being interviewed on shows, but there are a lot less of them.
I think their ultra-committed fans however, don't know if I'm one of them, deserved something better than their latest work. Most die-hard fans will buy it merely to add to their impressive BSB collection, but in terms of ranking, I'm pretty sure most fans will admit that "Never Gone" is their least favourite of the lot.
My personal ranking would be:-

1) Millenium(1999)
2) Backstreet's Back(1997)
3) Black & Blue(2000)
4) Never Gone(2005)

They also released an album called Greatest Hits Chapter One at the end of 2001. It featured all their best tunes from previous albums plus a bonus track called "Drowning", which did suprisingly well in the charts, and they even made a video for it. They could've waited and added that to their new album. But "Drowing" alone wouldn't have saved this very average album that, as I said before, disappointed me and I am still in the thinking process of purchasing a copy of the CD for myself.
Adult Written bypeterpanfreak April 9, 2008

Backstreet Men?

I've been a huge Backstreet Boys fan for 7 years now, but I'll try to make this is unbiased as possible. In the beginning, the Backstreet Boys were releasing albums true to the pre-packaged bubble gum pop music that was popular at the time. With Black & Blue they dared to step it up a notch, but that album lacked in some crucial areas. Never Gone, on the other hand, shows just how much these guys (or should I say men?) have matured over the years, both vocally and musically. They've always been decent singers, but it seems to me they took some serious voice lessons over the few years they were off the music scene. Never Gone is full of power ballads, and fans may be disappointed if they expected to hear the same old stuff on this album. But those more mature fans will embrace Never Gone and play it til their CD player melts it. And, on a side note, I believe that Never Gone was not meant to suggest that their music is immortal. If you listen to the lyrics of the song "Never Gone" it is clear that the boys are saying goodbye to each other and to the band (which I don't understand since they're releasing another album soon, but whatever). "Even though for now we've got to say goodbye, I know you will be forever in my life, never gone."
Adult Written bysusie lower April 9, 2008