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Teen, 16 years old Written byLivvy16 December 28, 2011

This is some good stuff

REALLY clean, especially for today's music. Finaly something refreshing during the age of Justin Bieber.
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Kid, 11 years old May 15, 2011

Cherry Street

I love Ocean Avenue it was my anthem for a time.
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Kid, 11 years old January 17, 2011

Love it (:

I love this album <3 And this band [: I think the most powerful song is Believe. (It's about hero's of 9/11) There's no bad words at all (:
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Kid, 11 years old March 10, 2010

Good clean music

This was a great album and it was clean. There wasn't anything inappropriate on it. Here is my review of each individual song. Way Away 8/10: Not my favorite song. Not my least favorite. It is an okay opening track. Breathing 8.5/10: This is a pretty good song. Some good violin and powerful guitar. Ocean Avenue 9/10: Just great. I don't have anything else to say. Empty Apartments 6/10: This is probably the slowest song on the album. I am sorry to all of you fans of this song, but I don't like it that much. Life Of A Salesman 9.5/10: One of my favorite songs on the album. It is just great. I love the violin. Only One 8.5/10: This was my favorite song on the album for a while. It starts off slow and soft but gets loud at the chorus. Not loud like screamo crazy yelling and banging on random chords for no reason loud but good loud. Miles Apart 9/10: I really like this song for no good reason. I guess it is just catchy. Twenty Three 10/10: I LOVE this song. It's my second favorite song on the album. I like the vocals a lot. View From Heaven 5/10: This song has a country sound to it, and I hate country.That's just my opinion. Please don't hate me for it. Inside Out 9/10: Pure Awesomeness. That is all I have to say. Believe 9.5/10: Very good song with great violin. The violin sounds kind of Celtic. One Year, Six Months 10.5/10: My absolute favorite song on the album. It is acoustic (which I love). I'm not sure what to say about this song. It is just one of those tunes that makes everybody silent when they listen to it. Back Home 8/10: Not the best song for the last one. It is okay. I think One Year, Six Months would have been better as the last song. P.S. I am sorry if there are any english teachers reading this. I realize it is full of sentence fragments.
Teen, 14 years old Written byvikings622 July 30, 2009
Teen, 13 years old Written byhorrorpunk416 June 21, 2009


kind of depressing songs show up once in a while, sometimes somewhat violent lyrics. BUT THIS IS YELLOWCARD BEST, it has awesome songs like ocean avenue, empty apartment, back home, view from heaven and others, just trust me, buy or rent this
Teen, 17 years old Written byravvie April 9, 2008
Teen, 16 years old Written byCurbspaget April 9, 2008
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

One of the best bands ever!

this band and especialy this cd is totally awesome. I love Yellowcard. There is really nothing wrong with this album so i wouldn't stop anyone who wanted to listen to it.