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Teen, 15 years old Written bydroolingfan_not April 9, 2008

Second album...

I haven't had a chance to listen to this full CD yet but it looks to be tamer than their first album. When You were Young is definitely a great song; I've listened to that. Oddly enough, this seems to have rather more indecent cover art than the first album, but not the same problems with sex....
Teen, 14 years old Written bypinklady80lately April 9, 2008

another amazing album by the killers!!!

this album is really amazing!!! coming from a small suburb i can relate to sam's town and when u were young, well any girl can relate to that :) i dont find any issues w/ this album. yes the song bones does have some sexual references, but its really about stuff that us as teen w/ our raging hormones deal w/! uncle johnny does talk about drugs, but its saying how drugs affect ppl in bad ways and how it affects the ppl around u. i seriously luv this album, its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teen, 13 years old Written bygsaysi April 9, 2008

very good but not as amazing as hot fuss.....

there are some very catchy songs on this album that you will love. hot fuss was a 5 star album with more "dancier" tracks. the songs on this album are more "rockier" tracks.
Kid, 11 years old June 18, 2016

Two Stars!? Unforgivable, Common Sense Media!

Common Sense Media is something I use frequently to find good reviews recommending (or not) music, apps, and books with age and quality ratings. Now, I haven't heard a LOT of Killers music before, but when my Dad recommended it to me, I decided to try it after hearing "Paralyzed" from their album 'Sawdust.' This review is COMPLETELY wrong in every way! First off, the album IS their second album, obviously, and CS gives that fact NO acknowledgment! This album is really good, especially for their second album. This review ALSO has very, VERY little detail on the album. It's blasphemy! The album is actually really good! I mean, c'mon, CS! You didn't even TRY to note the highlights of the album! I LOVED this album! At times, the vocals are a BIT whiny, but then they are amended by Flower's emotional vocals. (Also, after a few listens, you get used to it.) A great album by The Killers about heartbreak, drugs, love, and more, and I would DEFINITELY give this a listen. CS? Try harder next time. Please.
Teen, 13 years old Written byHayleyHayl October 22, 2010

Perfect for all ages in my opinion, except for Uncle Jonny mostly 9 and up

I love this album, so very much!! I do not understand how someone could complain about Brandon Flowers' voice! Obviously he is fantastic live and recorded! He has a beautiful voice. This album is amazing, it shows how they have a variety of style. The transformation from Hot Fuss to Sam's Town is astounding! Two such wonderful albums, but different sound, I love them both! Along with Sawdust to come next, which was all their different styles put on one album, for it was a b-side album... and then Day And Age, alternative pop with great beats and tunes, like the percussion done by Ronnie Vannucci Jr. in Joyride was absolutely lovely! Brandon sings about his Uncle Jonny's cocaine addiction on Sam's town, but he sings about it in a postive way, to try to help his Uncle. He shows the different things that cocaine can do to you and at the end he begs his Uncle to deal ("tell us whats going on feels like everythings wrong, if the future is real Jonny you've got to deal") so i think it is atleast appropriate for nine year olds and up. i first bought this album around age nine, and i wasnt scarred by it, i have grown up listening to the classics and when i found the Killers, it was an amazing discovery... modern music, with such classic feel! I fell in love! now to say, I love everything written by Brandon Flowers and The Killers and think they are amazing, Flamingo, Brandon's solo album is fantastic too! I cannot believe you would give such awful reviews of Sam's Town. It is amazing, with lots of heart and feeling put into it, along with lessons, like when you were young... and just perfect songs like Bling (confessions of a king)
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Teen, 13 years old Written bystrawbryblondy April 9, 2008

mrs. brightside

yes i did write mrs. brightside (not mr. brightside) because i love the songs on the album. particulary mr. brightside. i cant help it, its a catchy song with a good message (jealousy, if you didnt know). so as mrs. brightside id like to say its worth your while to agree...
Teen, 14 years old Written byEragonfan April 9, 2008

pretty good

An album with a couple good songs, the Killers in general are a good band. 4 stars not for 9 and under