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Teen, 13 years old Written byNot_Interested October 30, 2009

Bad 4 anyone

Booooooooooo! sex is for lifeless people
What other families should know
Too much sex
Teen, 16 years old Written bygeekoftheband April 9, 2008

I danced!

This CD shows JC branching out a little. It has some good dance tracks. Many songs are very sexual though and might not be appropriate for kids under 12. The lyrics aren't bad. Some messages are geared toward older kids. I liked most of the songs on this CD.
Teen, 14 years old Written byErin_aimeee March 9, 2014
I was listening to Jc Chasez's pandora station and was surprised to hear some of his songs. The 100 ways song was really inappropriate and very sexual. I was kinda surprised. This song basically describes 100 ways to make love to his girl. Not very good. I love JC to death but not this album. I was diappointed
What other families should know
Too much sex
Teen, 16 years old Written byRosebud95 August 4, 2011

Iffy, but mostly OK album

CSM was right about it having multi-music personalites. I guess it makes since of why it does since it's called, "Schizophrenic". (So maybe CSM was making that a joke...or he was..) And some (or most) of the songs are sexual, while others are not. Some Girls (Dance With Women) 3/5 This isn't as steamy and its just OK She Got Me 4/5 This is steamy either, and it's really good 100 Ways 4/5 I'll give this 4 stars because of its cool guitar riffs, but the rest of it is ok (but the end goes back into the riffs :)) Mercy 4/5 This is a cool song Build My World 4/5 This is one of the songs where we really get to here JC's voice which is why I like it :) Something Special 4/5 This is a fun, sweet song but a tad steamy If You Were My Girl 4/5 This is a fun rock(ish) song, but it has some iffy parts...its really 'grr' because I really like it Shake It 4/5 Like 'If You Were My Girl', this song is fun adn catchy, but it's steamy. And it's not really the lyrics ("I wanna taste you so much.../") that's so bad, it's the way he's delivering it (moaning and heavy breathing....) All Day Long I Dream About Sex 2/5 This is sexual, AND repetitive... (Chorus: All day long I dream about sex/And all night long I think about sex/And all day long I dream about sex, with you..../) Yeah... One Night Stand 4/5 It's really good, but seriously - the title is really blatant. I don't really wanna tell you anything else because...well, maybe you should read the lyrics... Come to Me 3/5 This is okay... Dear Goodbye 4/5 This is like 'Build My World', because of his voice on it :) Everything You Want 3/5 It's fine, I like the Caribbean vibe to it Lose Myself 4/5 This is another nice song Right Here (By Your Side) This is sweet Blowin' Me Up (With HEr Love) 4/5 This is sort of erotic (with more moaning) but it's really fun :D Anyway, the songs where he really uses his powerful vocals are the ones that I like...even if they ARE the erotic ones. And "100 Ways" has a cool guitar opening...then it goes into him basically moaning the lyrics (like Britney), and in "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love) he just makes it sound sexual when he moans the lyrics, again...but he still sings on that track. Also, unlike Justin Timberlake, his songwriting abilities on OK; alas, they seem rather simple at times. Overall, I think that if he focused less on the "sexiness" and more on his voice, (and if Justin co-wrote some) this album would be very awesome. August 4, 2011 Off topic: CSM didn't really explain why they gave this 3 stars....and they didn't say what was so sexual about them...oh well....
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Too much sex