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Viral EDM song for selfie-loving generation; best for teens.

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age 16+
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Adult Written byReneeVicious-Reality January 9, 2016

What is EDM becoming?

I...I have no words for how AWFUL this is. This track is annoying, bland, repetitive, and what message does it even have? Choosing a filter for your stupid selfie on Instagram and being judgemental to others who aren't as "hot" as you. The sad truth is this is how girls actually act at clubs and raves...ugh. Anywho, on to my actual thoughts on this tune that should've never even gained any popularity in the first place. I, personally, am a HUGE fan of electronic music. The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, BT, Faithless, Depeche Mode, Crystal Method, Digital Mystikz, Carl Cox...Love 'em all to this very day! The ones who I have listed are the Godfathers of Rave, so as the EDM scene became bigger and bigger, I'd expect more DJ's and producers to work hard. But I guess I thought wrong. I'm extremely disappointed with most of today's electronic music. The Chainsmokers are probably one of the WORST edm producers I have EVER listened to. They have no creativity, no inspiration, NOTHING! They're just another David Guetta/Tiesto/whatever...talentless. This song is nothing more than a joke. A huge, annoying, unfunny joke. The kind of joke you'd hear from that one annoying kid in class that gets in trouble almost every day. Why did this song get so big in the first place??The Chainsmokers literally just took the dialogue from some girl at a club with her friends who's high on drugs and drunk. The buildup is just the girl talking about her stupid social media apps and "ugly people" who should eff off with a bland house beat. The drop is even worse. It literally sounds like a duck quacking non-stop. Overall, this song is pointless, boring, generic, unoriginal with no meaning whatsoever. Now, I'm not saying that all EDM is awful, as there are some pretty good DJ's (deadmau5, Porter Robinson, Slow Magic, etc.) but if you wanna show your kid some ACTUAL electronica that won't make you want to lose your hearing, listen to some Prodigy or Chemical Brothers or Aphex Twin. They actually have talent.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Educator and Parent Written byMarkkkkk April 10, 2014

Fun song, not for kids and Tweens

This is a kind of fun song, but it has some bad things in it as well.