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Educator Written bybugmenot July 20, 2009
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Great messages
Adult Written byhorse_gerbil April 9, 2008

Always Stuck in My Head. Wonderful Music!

Sweeney Todd, the film, is not perfect for everyone, but Sweeney Todd, the soundtrack, is for anyone of any age that enjoys music. Or anyone who enjoys Johnny Depp. I was never that interested in Sweeney Todd, but being a Depp/Burton fan, couldn't wait to see it. And Johnny Depp sings. What could be cooler? My local theater never got the film. It wasn't appropriate, so they never showed it. I would have to wait for the DVD months later. So I bought the soundtrack to try and replace the void. I listened to it, and fell in love. It is brilliant! Johnny Depp has an amazing voice; dark and mysterious. It'll give you chills. The only mention of language is two times that 'shit' is quietly said. Once at the end of "No Place Like London" and once near the beginning of "Epiphany". Violence is slightly audible in the music. In the song "Epiphany", mostly, where Sweeney has gone just a bit insane and says multiple times that "We all deserve to die". In "A Little Priest", Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney [humorously] plot the future business of his barber shop, and her pie shop. The movie is bloody, but the music is wonderful. If you can't watch the film, get the soundtrack, and you'll embark on the same adventure.
Adult Written byOliviaReviewsIt September 16, 2015

Movie Soundtrack A Bit Darker Than Most

This is a soundtrack unlike any other. The songs are extremely catchy, and you'll find yourself singing them all the time. The lyrics vary from song to song. Though Sweeney Todd sings of his vengeful desires, Mrs. Lovett sings of her love for Sweeney Todd and Toby tells Mrs. Lovett that "nothings gonna harm you...not while I'm around" There is some language: s*** ('No Place Like London', 'Epiphany') and p*** ('Pirelli's Miracle Elixir'). Parents should know that death is a major theme in this soundtrack as well. Don't let younger children listen to it.
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Too much violence
Adult Written bydarkknightofficial April 9, 2008