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Feisty song from Nick show is a bit mature for younger kids.
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Adult Written byhhumero June 5, 2013

Good message, slightly questionable lyrics.

I liked the song. Rather than so many songs that focus on beign the "cool", popular kid, this song focuses on the fact that you have the right to be annoyed by people who try to make you act a way you don't want to. In the show, the girls are being pressured and hit on by boys who really don't understand personal space or the girls' right to say no. Onlookers comment on the guy's smooth moves. The girls, rather than buckling and staying in an uncomforatble situation, sing this song and refused to be pressured to act a certain way.

The song does have rhymes that, while not actually saying any bad words, refer to "bad words" (t*ts, *ss). These words are not said though.

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Parent of a 3, 6, and 8-year-old Written byLiveYourLife March 28, 2012

I like it,,,and i'm 34!!!

My daughter and I where spending some quality time together.The episode of Victorious in which this tune was featured was on and she loves this song and i was like "OMG this is cool and if there was an adult version it'd be "It always seems to bite me in the @$$/Stop your staring at my @$$ well much more sexual and vulgar...if you like this your gonna love Justin Bieber!LOL

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Adult Written bymusic fan2.0 March 28, 2012

are you sure

i am a 22 year old man who was watching tv with my sister one day and saw this music video and cant get this catchy song out of my head are you sure it is all that bad because i think if you look at he charactor of jade on victorious she lives a very violent life style ps she sings the song with victoria that is why i threw her in there but we love the song and there is nothing wrong with it

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