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Campy debut from retro-mod punk pioneers.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byMovieDude88 December 29, 2013

Great Album! Some profanities though....

This is personally my favorite album of all time! Other than sexual references in "Lava," and some profane language in "There's A Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)," there really isn't anything to worry about here. Fantastic album though!
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written bySatanicMechanic79 July 15, 2012

B-52's - maybe not quite so innocent!

Firsty, this album is absolutely fu*king fantastic. Anyways, I think the reviewer missed out of some of the more subtle (and some not so subtle) details. The lyrics "Can't find no place here to go! Can't get no fu*king tune tonight! Can't get no sh*t to go tonight!" seem to have been over looked. (Granted no one seems to notice them unless you've read the lyrics and listen for it) Lava is definitely sexual, as the reviewer did mention; lyrics like "Oh! Look out - it's about to erupt!" allude to things other than vocanoes. (Cindy also mentions being " high as the highest volcano") It's all fun though. Hero Worship is also a bit cheeky - "Oh on my knees, I try to please... his eyes. His idol eyes". I'm sure a child wouldn't understand any of these though, so no worries. It also contains the lyric "Heroes falling to the ground; like Hell's magent pulls me down", which I'm sure is completely acceptable by just anout anyones standards with the exception of perhaps the most hardcore of the fundamentalist Bible-thumpers. One more thing - I don't think it's on the album version, but in live versions "Downtown" (Cover of Petula Clark!) Cindy wilson says things like "I know a place to go when you get fu*kin' old". I think it also says "titty". (That one might be on the album version actually). Anyways, despite a couple rude words, this album is tons of fun, very impressive, innovative, creative, et cetera. One of my favourites for sure! ~"Freeway to Hell! We're buring up the road!"~ the B-52's
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