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Adult Written bywhovian85 April 9, 2008

It's ok

I only heard bits and pieces of this but I don't think sounds that bad. Actually it sort of sounds sort of like the 80's stuff I listen to. It's sort of a pale Cure imitation. I think one of the guys from Blink was into the Cure I'm just not sure who. I just finished listening the 'The Adventure' which I have downloaded, yes legally.
Adult Written byChris McCorkle April 9, 2008

Great side project!

If you ever listened to the last Blink 182 album, you would not be anywhere near surprised by Tom Delonge's latest creation: Angels and Airwaves. First, great concept. Very captivating (for my taste), very hopeful, and very deep. Second, excellent sound. Each and every note is placed perfectly and each song is a beautiful melody all on its own, but upon finishing the album, you'd think it was all a medley. Very positive and hopeful- not depressing overall. Thirdly, but sadly, the lyrics are so, so fuzzy. What the heck is he talking about? There is such a strong image and idea communicated by the album art and parts of the music video for "The Adventure," but there seems to be no flow in lyrical content from song to song. One song you hear "I wake up and I'm alive" to "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts" to "I'll be your distraction" to "A little more love" to "You know I won't say sorry..." What does this have to do with space, apparent world war, and the future with a retro twist? Why is Tom walking around in a field with a leather jacket on? No reason. And it's because of this poorly executed lyrical assault of confusion that this album is not having the effect on its audience Angels and Airwaves aimed for.