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Parent of a 13 year old Written byBuddy Jensen August 16, 2013


I personally think Yeezus is a ok album. The beats are strong and loud but if your not a west fan then it maybe strange for you. I think it's good it's no different than any other music in our generation of rap music constant language suggestive content.
Adult Written bypanicpack121 October 19, 2013

It's literally meant for children to begin with.

This album is meant for kids personally (between the ages of 7-13, probably 5-6), the children they're honestly hearing more and more worse things every day, then we were younger. It has the common themes: sex, drugs, "violence," capitalism, and common others as themes. Other themes include: politics on the Middle East (that is the common stereotypical theme because of the religious war); against the government (who doesn't, again, he cannot determine socialism versus communism, and why he's rich, so why are you talking about this?); having an autotheistic (calling yourself God) philosophy, mocking religions, etc. (Even if Kanye West is a Christian, he's hypocritical - and I'm Jewish - I don't like to say my religious believes on the Internet, but yeah...) Shall I go on? I have CDs, cassettes, vinyl, just like this but it's done in a poor way; however, I would never buy it on iTunes or physically (CD, vinyl, cassettes) because I think it's atrocious rap in the execution - due the typical topics are performed. I have literally 800+ CDs and I think it's just a generic album done wrong even if you apply it with hip-hop... I do not want the label of hip-hop that's done without trying, and this one of those albums... Even the song "I Am God" cannot be more cringe worthy. I have bands such as that, but they're punk and metal; not hip-hop. I guess that's original in his philosophy, and how he's getting rid of his religion (due to his relationship with Kim Kardashian, that's why). Back to the point on why I think it's for children these days, under the age of 13, it's because they're seeing and hearing more things that are for individuals who are above 18. I'm 19 going on 20, and when I was 13-17, I didn't even care about the rap songs, even I know their fake. It's fictitious rap about the stereotypical themes and it's adolescent who is still thinking he's back to when he's 17, but sounds as if he's 5 all again. He acts like a two year old when he doesn't get his way. When I was 14, I had discovered Death, Voivod, Pestilence, Cynic, Napalm Death, Carcass, Cattle Decapitation, etc. And dare I say it: AxCx? [a name that cannot be said on this site]. My music taste has changed for both the good and worse entirely, soon after 9th grade. Mainly because I found more offensive and more shocking artists/bands outside the realm of commercial music. This is just a commercialized Death Grips which is meant it to be an intelligent forward thinking band. I think Death Grips is for intelligent individuals who can process analyzing lyrical content for an hour or more. Death Grips' is in a intelligent design in thought for rap because they blend different genres, such as: hip-hop, experimental rock, black metal, punk, industrial, etc in their music. However, "Yeesus" isn't at all, personally, forward thinking. You can actually analyze the sound in literally just minutes. I couldn't literally sit through the music, so I had went over the lyrical content - it makes me wish that Pokemon could attack me in the process. I don't go for the lyrical content that often, it's a rarity for me, I wish I didn't. I think it's the same old, same old rap album that is just meant for people who think that listening to dancehall, house, industrial, and apparently [quote unquote] Nirvana is intelligent. (Nirvana had rip-offed Fugazi, Killing Joke and among others in their music, it's apparent.) Even though I know Kanye had listened to Gravity Records - which is a post-hardcore, hardcore punk, emo (not a genre based on relationships and hating yourself - it was actually related to death metal in the 80's and early 90's); screamo (the same applies with screamo just like emo, it was formed by hardcore punk, which is actually from thrashcore and powerviolence - and it's actually a derivative from grindcore - which is from death metal, so it's a death metal genre, or a metal genre originally), noise rock, etc music label. Listen to first wave screamo bands of Heroin, Antioch Arrows, etc and you'll find yourself at Kanye's new album... on a cryptic level... I guess that's good: he had obscured the first wave screamo, with industrial, electronica, hip-hop - I guess that's excellent - otherwise, it's purulence that's held on the stick for way too long... In conclusion: Kanye West's album is meant for kids to other kids to show in class, to be the most extreme on the playground/school, in the class, or if you want an high ego. Then yes, this is the music for you. I don't think that parents should care these days, because we're not in the 50's-70's anymore. The parents have ALSO heard worse, so why bother? Sure I don't think you should sing this albums in class, when a teacher is around you, or if you're around some parents (who are self-consciousness about if there's one swear). Then yes, it's offensive and shocking, but it's not. Other than that, I could careless.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written byevolinag October 17, 2014

Extreme, shocking, aggressive and undeniably brilliant.

"Yeezus" is all about shock value, aggressiveness and rage. To fully enjoy it, you have to open for anything new. "Yeezus" is nothing like any of West's other album. His beats and melodies have always been harmonic, each synth line was perfectly used, each sample well inserted to strengthen the impact of the song, and meaningful or autobiographical lyrics. "Yeezus", on the other hand, starts off with angry, almost painfully shrieking synth notes, followed by bizarre beeping sounds and a dark, distorted beat that lasts until the song is over. The only time it breaks up is when all of a sudden a fully melodic choir sample of a whole another song with a whole another tempo bursts in. It doesn't quite seem to fit there. The lyrics are "He'll give us what we need, that may not be what we want". Said track is "On Sight", it's a perfect example of that what fans of Ye get here is something new. It is without a doubt Kanye West's most aggressive and shocking album, also for being his most straight forward one. Gone are metaphors or semtimental writing, Kanye West speaks his mind. It sometimes leads to touchy subjects as racism or alcohol abuse, but sometimes it means he just bursts out in plain narcism, sexism, crudeness or insanity. Nevertheless, it definitely is the most honest music his twisted mind ever made. He holds nothing back that comes to his mind, and may it be thoughzful or just plain vulgar, it is certainly his most real record, and his darkest. Except for the relieving and somewhat light hearted (but none the less crude) ending track "Bound 2", the album doesn't contain a single happy or gentle moment. His beats and synth lines sound creepy, eerie and brutal, his line delivery is the angriest he ever had in any song, hid autotune drenched singing sounds mechanic snd surreal. "Yeezus" is a menacing CD. It comes without a cover or further information but features some of the weirdest and most disturbing lyrics ever written. The album's atmosphere and production is just one spectacular moment from beginning to ending. Track 1 completely opposites all of Ye's earliest tracks, Track 2-9 is just one dark music experience, and Track 10 kind of feels like a Happy Ending. But basically, it is what his former album was called: Ye's beautiful dark twisted fantasy. The album features extremely graphic language and explicit, almost p*rnographic sex references.The song "Hold my Liquor" is about alcohol. Caution is strongly advised, but no one under 16 should listen to this, also because some of the sex references are kind of violent and sexist too.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Educator and Parent Written byJared Galczynski May 10, 2014

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Not for kids. (PSYCH!)