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Image of elementary school project with a photo of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez
Garrett Therolf,
He was 8 years old, and the signs of abuse were obvious. Yet time and again, caseworkers from child-protective services failed to help him. ... Continue reading
Can we use big data to fight child abuse? The answer is complicated
Ellen Lee,
Predictive analytics may help prevent violence against kids, but it comes with risks ... Continue reading
Adrienne D.,
Some teachers teach climate change as if it were an ongoing debate ... Continue reading
EPA regulation cuts likely to hurt children most, experts say
Marisa Endicott,
Kids are at greater risk than adults for exposure to pollution and pesticides ... Continue reading
This land is your land: American reflections on Trump’s first 100 days
Will Kane, Reporter, Common Sense News
Stories of worry, bullying, anger, relief and, in one case, newfound confidence ... Continue reading
Trump, GOP cutting holes in family health safety nets
Will Kane, Reporter, Common Sense News
Nearly two years ago Abby Holmes and her husband Jeremiah left their home and jobs in Brooklyn for Columbus, Ohio ... Continue reading
More teens consume and share news, but are disappointed by what they read
Will Kane, Reporter, Common Sense News
While teens and tweens understand current events, they often have trouble making sense of the news they consume ... Continue reading
A social conscience for the tech industry: Can companies help users cultivate healthier relationships with apps and devices?
Ellen Lee,
The Time Well Spent movement is challenging tech companies to care about more than just the swipes and clicks ... Continue reading
Why do more L.A. County black children end up in foster care? Experts clash over the reason
Garrett Therolf,
Black children account for eight out of 100 Los Angeles County children, yet they make up 28 out of 100 foster children ... Continue reading