2014 New York Luncheon

2014 New York Luncheon
TOUCHSCREEN GENERATION: How Technology Affects Our Kids' Social/Emotional Learning and What We Can Do About It
The digital age has brought with it a spirited debate about what new technologies are doing to our brains and our behavior. For our kids and for our family dynamics, it's an ongoing challenge. What are the trade-offs? Being more connected digitally but less personally? Learning online or learning through human interaction? Giving our kids freedom to express themselves but being less in touch with what they're expressing? Has all this technology brought us closer together or pushed us further apart?
Thursday, November 13, 2014
Luncheon and Panel Discussion 12 – 2PM
Gotham Hall
1356 Broadway
New York, NY 10018

Registration & More Info

For more information contact
Jasmine Hood at
(212) 315-2138
[email protected]

Host Committee

Heba Abedin
Rachel Dalton
Sarah Deckey
Jennifer Feldman
Jodi Gold
Mara Landis
Jiyeun Lee
Heejung Moon
Tricia Pantzer
Haley Rockwell
Leslie Rylee
Alex Scott
Lauren Shortt
Liana Slater

NY Advisory Council

Nancy Berkeley Bynum
Chelsea Clinton
Michael Colacino
Rachel Dalton
Jill Davis
George Davison
William Dessoffy
Stephanie Dua
Jonathan S. Henes (Co-Chair)
Andrew Hoine
Mara Landis
Miyoung Lee (Co-Chair)
Carol Sutton Lewis
Anthony E. Malkin
Alexander Navab
Gregory J. O'Melia, Headmaster
Marva Smalls,
David Topper
Remy Trafelet
2014 Event Sponsors


Nancy & Frank Bynum
Jill Davis & Edward Conard
Pam & Jon Henes
Lambert Family Foundation
The Rubin-Henry Family Foundation
Miyoung Lee & Neil Simpkins




Saskia Evans
Jennifer Hoine
Mara Landis
Pannonia Foundation


Heba Abedin
Faith & Peter Coolidge
Beth Curry
Sarah Deckey
Jennifer Feldman
Jennifer Geiling
Jodi Gold
Bita Javadizadeh
Jiyeun Lee
Rochelle Ludwig
Heejung Moon
Liana Slater
Sarah Stafford

2013 Luncheon Photos

Over 300 guests attended our SOLD OUT 2nd Annual NY luncheon fundraiser at The Harmonie Club on November 21, 2013.
See more photos from the event.