The ON Ratings Program for Developers, Publishers, and Producers


Welcome, Developers and Publishers of Digital Products!


As part of our mission to help families discover the best digital media, we've created the Common Sense Media ON Ratings Program for developers and publishers. Millions of parents, caregivers, educators, and kids read our reviews and ratings every month via our website and mobile apps, and our content is delivered to more than 100 million homes across the United States by our network of distribution partners. Our educational content, tools, and resources are in use by nearly 50,000 schools nationwide. The ON Ratings Program offers a transparent view into how we find, rate, review, surface, and award the best products and how you can be successful in our process.

  • Design: We’ll guide you in how to build learning potential into your product.
  • Submit: How to submit your product with the best chance of getting rated and reviewed.
  • Promote: Once we’ve reviewed your product, we offer you assets to show it off.
  • Award: We recognize the best-rated products with our ON for Learning Award.

To learn more about the ON Ratings Program, please download our brochure or email [email protected].



Save the Date!
March 20, 2014 | San Francisco


We look forward to celebrating the very best kids' digital media designed for learning at home and in the classroom. See the 2014 On for Learning Award winners here.



What makes a great digital learning product? We look at several aspects of each app, video game, and website we review. Titles that score high on many of the dimensions are rated Best for Learning; those that score low receive a Not for Learning rating.


  • Does the product hold kids' interest and make them want to return?
  • Does it have high production value?


  • Does the product carry depth of content where learning is central to the experience and deep, lasting concepts are built?


  • Is feedback appropriate and facilitative, and are there supports for both teachers and different kinds of learners?

We also do a detailed content analysis, tagging every subject and skill that's potentially developed by the product. Subjects include both academic areas and extracurricular activities. Skills include key abilities that kids need to think, live, work -- and succeed -- in the world of tomorrow.


  • Language & Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Arts
  • Hobbies


  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Creativity
  • Self-direction
  • Emotional Development
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility & Ethics
  • Tech Skills
  • Health & Fitness


To see how we rate and review, visit our "How We Rate" page. Check this page for new programs, resources, and events designed to help you strengthen the learning potential of your next product.


Submitting Your Game, App, or Website for Review

We get hundreds of review requests per week, and we can't fulfill them all. Nor do we want to. The goal of our learning ratings program is to review the best learning products we can find so they can be discovered by parents, teachers, and kids.

To submit your product for review, please download and read through the Review Request Checklist. When you are ready to submit your request, click on the appropiate link to open an online form for your request.

PLEASE NOTE: Our decision to review a product is based on several factors. We can't guarantee that any product will be reviewed or that it will be reviewed by a specific date. We can't guarantee a predetermined rating. If your product is reviewed, we can't provide any information about the reviewers' or editors' rating decision, other than what is published in the review itself. Common Sense Media never solicits or receives payments or any other consideration for reviewing any product.


Questions about the form? Email us at [email protected].
Please do not contact us to ask about your submission's status. Due to the high volume of requests, we can't reply to review requests.

Promoting Your Review

Once your product has been reviewed, we encourage you to show it off. Let the world know about your product's quality and learning potential! We've created the Common Sense Media ON Ratings Kit, which includes a "Check Us Out on Common Sense Media" stamp graphic, a press release template, social media messaging templates, and the Common Sense Media logo. You may download the kit below; we ask that you review and agree to the rules for using these assets.

When using the ON Ratings Kit assets, you agree to observe these rules:

  • DON'T use these assets to promote any product that has not been reviewed by Common Sense Media.
  • DON'T use these assets without providing a link either to the product's review page or to Common Sense Media's Learning Ratings landing page.
  • DON'T alter the "Check Us Out on Common Sense Media" stamp.
  • If we discover any unauthorized usage of our ON Ratings assets, we will request that it be discontinued immediately.

We DO encourage you to use these assets:

  • On your website
  • On your product's page on an e-commerce site
  • To drive social media traffic to your product's review, especially if it's featured in one of our guides or recommended lists.


Download the Common Sense Media ON Ratings Kit:

The ON for Learning Award from Common Sense Media

The ON for Learning Award is given to the best digital products that blend fun and learning. The award is our way of recognizing great achievement in learning products for kids and is based on our unbiased, independent product reviews and ratings. To see the latest winners, visit our ON for Learning Awards Winners List.

If you're a winner and have questions about promoting your award, please email [email protected].