Common Sense Media Announces New Ratings and Reviews System for AI Products

In response to high demand from parents and educators, Common Sense Media will build a new AI ratings and reviews system to help families and policymakers make informed decisions about artificial intelligence tools and programs.

Common Sense Media
Monday, July 17, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2023—Today, Common Sense Media, the nation's leading kids and technology nonprofit, announced plans to develop an in-depth AI ratings and reviews system that will assess AI products on a number of dimensions including responsible AI practices and suitability for children, with a special focus on products that are used by kids and educators.

According to a recent poll from Common Sense Media and Impact Research, there is an overwhelming desire among parents (82%) for a rating system that will help them evaluate the quality of AI programs like ChatGPT. Over three-quarters of parents surveyed say they are interested in AI-powered education tools that help their children learn (77%), but only 40% say they know of a reliable source of information that they can use to learn about AI's appropriateness for kids.

"We must act now to ensure that parents, educators, and young people are informed about the perils and possibilities of AI and products like ChatGPT," said James P. Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media. "It is critical that there be a trusted, independent third-party rating system to inform the public and policymakers about the incredible impact of AI. In recent years, a number of tech companies have put profits before the well-being of kids and families. We have seen this movie before, with the emergence of social media and the subsequent failure to regulate these platforms, and, unfortunately, we know how that version ends. Quite simply, we must not make the same mistakes with AI, which will have even greater consequences for kids and society."

Common Sense Media's AI ratings and reviews system is being developed with input from leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence. The ratings and reviews will also inform new legislative and regulatory efforts to keep kids safe online and to push for increased transparency with these new products. "Lawmakers and regulators need an independent and highly respected third-party partner like Common Sense to ensure that they have trusted information to protect the public. We look forward to continuing to play this critical role with AI and other emerging technologies, just as we have done for years with media and other digital products," Steyer said.

To read more about the organization's guiding principles for AI and children, please read Common Sense Media's position paper, "AI and Our Kids: Common Sense Considerations and Guidance for Parents, Educators, and Policymakers."


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