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Privacy and Internet Safety

What are the best privacy settings for my computer and smartphone?

On your computer, you can protect against privacy invasion in your web browser. On your smartphone, you use the phone's settings.

Computer Privacy

Take a look at the privacy settings offered in your browser (usually found in the Tools menu) to see whether you can fine-tune them to keep the good and block the bad. When you go online, websites install cookies on your computer that track your movements. Some cookies can be beneficial, such as those that remember your login names or items in your online shopping cart. But some cookies are designed to remember everything you do online, build a profile of your personal information and habits, and sell that information to advertisers and other companies. (Check out these kid Web browsers.)

Smartphone Privacy

Settings on smartphones vary, but you can tighten up privacy with these precautions:

Turn off location services. That prevents apps from tracking your location.

Don't let apps share data. Some apps want to use information stored on your phone (your contact list, for example). Say no.

Enable privacy settings on apps you download. Make sure your teens are using strict privacy settings on services such as Instagram and Facebook.

Be careful with social logins. When you log onto a site with your Facebook or Google username and password, you may be allowing that app to access certain information from your profile. Read the fine print to know what you're sharing.

Have you checked the privacy settings on your kid's computer and smartphone recently?

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Adult written by VampyraSinclair

My parents take my phone off me and want to know the ins and outs of my phone and I think that is an evasion of my privacy what can I do please help me
Teen, 15 years old written by Greasybacon

Get a VPN, remove bloatware, keep Cortana disabled, get an antivirus, turn off gps, do virus scans weekly. That would be my checklist if I wanted to be completely secure on the internet.
Adult written by Norman d.

I've seen quite a few recommendations to turn off location services. How would that affect the use of my phone's mapping services which uses my location to calculate my trip times and directions.
Parent of a 12-year-old written by Lily K.

Very important!!! Some of your child’s apps could hear you! A very fun game called, “ My Talking Tom” and the other apps by Outfit7 might be hearing things. When you open up the game it askes you through a pop up that any child might easily click on that the app would like access to both microphone and camera.
Parent of a 6-year-old written by Kathy B.

This is a must for all sights to turn off locations and to keep photos private or for family and friends.