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Privacy and Internet Safety

Who is collecting my kids' data, and what are they doing with it?

Companies from McDonald's to NPR can collect data on every interaction a user has with a website. That includes anything you click on and any information you input when you fill out a form. They can even look for keywords in your online profile or email, and, in some cases, they can access data from people in your network or use data to personally identify individual users.

Companies aggregate data to build composite profiles of people's habits, preferences, and purchases, which is valuable information for marketers and makes lots of money for those selling your data. Next time you or your kid wants to register for a free site or use a social login, remember that the price you pay for admission is your data.

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Adult written by Samuel B.

Here's my way of explaining this. Companies like google track your search results, social media tracks what you like and who you follow, and sometimes, ads are just plain random and unrelated. You see, companies sell this information(search results, likes, and etc.) to advertisers and advertisers display what you want. Let's say your kid loves slime. He or she goes searching this stuff up, how to make it, and so forth. The next time your kid sees an ad, it might be for slime because google tracked this and so knew what he or she wanted. There is one thing you should know and as creepy as it sounds- there is no escape. I remember reading a book called "Feed." It's got a ton of curse words so you probably shouldn't let your kids read it. It's really interesting and is about a future in which companies control everything with advertisements. I feel that this might become the future. I mean, unless you create your own search engine and social media with its own algorithms, there is no escape from companies and advertisements. On a daily basis I have to use Google and Bing. Even schools now use it with Google Classroom. It's insane! On the good side however, if your child goes on porn sites, you could tell. There will be ads for viagra and other sexual content.