Does reading comic books and graphic novels count as "real" reading?

Absolutely. Partly due to the influence of Japanese anime and manga (and a certain subculture of die-hard comic book fans), comic books and graphic novels are now recognized for their unique approach to storytelling and their literary significance. No one would say to a kid reading The Secret of the Unicorn or Cardboard that she's wasting her time.

Comic books and graphic novels have a lot to offer kids. They can entice reluctant readers, motivate kids to read more (because they usually come in a series), and coax kids into looking for deeper meanings (comics are famous for their subliminal messaging).

Learn more about the value of this entertaining genre, and check out our graphic novel recommendations.

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Kid, 12 years old

I believe reading graphic novels or manga is real reading but you should also read real books too . But there is some things you should know about them if your child or you wants to read them . On the back of manga you can usually see something in the back that says A for all ages , T for teen or T for older teen . A for all ages are fine for kids but If your child wants a T for teen one you may want to skip through it .
Kid, 10 years old

I don't know. It does count as reading, but really reading a real book gives you more of a chance to use your imagination as you read.
Parent of a 11 and 16 year old written by whoopeegirl

I know more than a few moms who've told me that getting their kids to read was painful... until they found graphic novels. The Percy Jackson series comes in graphic novel form as well as book form. And getting reluctant kids to read often requires creative thinking. My daughter and son are both voracious "regular book" readers, but have enjoyed various manga series. I see no significant difference, except one has art.