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What are some books that promote a positive self-image?

It's safe to say that many parents' beloved childhood books -- Cinderella, for example -- promote ideals that we know today to be outdated and possibly damaging to kids' self-image. There's still value in reading classic books, of course: They provide a good opportunity to talk to your kids about old-fashioned notions, including, for example, that only the conventionally beautiful live happily ever after.

But times have changed, and, fortunately, so have the choices in kids' reading material. Books that promote a positive self-image show a range of characters who rely on what their bodies can do rather than on what they look like. These characters draw from their internal resources -- their brains, their inner strength, their kindness, their wits, their grit -- to succeed.

Take a look at these books that promote a positive self-image, and check out this article for more details.

Flora and the Flamingo, age 3+

Flora and the Penguin, age 3+

Ivy + Bean, age 7+

Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child, age 8+

Harry Potter series, age 8+

Watch Out Hollywood!: More Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child, age 8+

Hunger Games, age 12+

Eleanor & Park, age 14+

Say What You Will, age 14+

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