Children, Teens, and Entertainment Media: The View From The Classroom

A Common Sense Research Study
November 1, 2012

In some areas, teachers are more likely to say that entertainment media have helped rather than hurt students academically.

Nearly two-thirds of teachers (63%) say their students’ media use has helped their ability to find information quickly and efficiently, either a lot (21%) or somewhat (41%).

A third (34%) of teachers say using entertainment media has helped their students’ ability to multi-task effectively (3% say “a lot,” 33% “somewhat”), compared to 25% who say it has hurt them.

Teachers who describe themselves as “tech savvy” are more likely than other teachers to see a benefit to students’ creativity from their use of entertainment media. Four in 10 (40%) tech-savvy teachers say media use has helped their students’ creativity, compared to 25% of teachers who are “uncomfortable” with technology. There were no other statis-tically significant differences between these teachers, nor were there differences between long-term (more than 15 years) and new (less than 5 years) teachers.