Virtual Reality 101: What You Need to Know About Kids and VR

April 4, 2018

VR 101

As with other forms of technology, VR comes with challenges and opportunities. This report collects the most significant findings to date and sets the stage for the years ahead, when practitioners and the public will need more information about effective VR applications in classrooms, entertainment, social media, and more.

Co-authored with researchers at Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Virtual Reality 101 explores the potential positive and negative effects of VR experiences on kids' cognitive, social, and physical well-being as well as its potential to shape young people's perspectives. The report also includes an overview of expanding uses for VR technology and a first-of-its-kind national survey of 3,600 parents conducted in collaboration with SurveyMonkey.

When it comes to new media and technology, it's never too early to get informed and engaged. Families, teachers, advocates, and content creators looking to stay ahead of the curve on VR can get started with these Common Sense resources: