Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America 2013

A Common Sense Research Study
October 28, 2013

Time spent with “traditional” screen media such as television, DVDs, video games, and computers is down substantially, by more than half an hour a day (:31).

Overall, children age 8 and under spend :12 less per day watching TV, :09 less watching DVDs, :06 less using a computer, and :04 less playing video games than they did just two years ago. On the other hand, time spent consuming media on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads increased by :10 a day (from :05 in 2011 to :15 in 2013) but not enough to offset the decrease in other screen media. With the increase in mobile media use and the decrease in other screen media use, total screen time among 0- to 8-year-olds is down an average of :21 a day to just less than two hours a day (1:55, compared to 2:16 in 2011).