Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America, 2013

A Common Sense Research Study
October 28, 2013

Television still dominates children’s media time, but new ways of watching now make up a large portion of viewing.

Despite the dramatic changes of the past two years, television still reigns supreme in children’s media lives. It is the medium children use most frequently, by far: nearly six out of 10 children (58%) watch TV at least once a day, compared to 17% who use mobile devices on an everyday basis, 14% who are daily computer users, and 6% who play video games every day. Also, of the roughly two hours (1:55) average screen media use each day, half (50%) is spent watching television on a TV set (:57). This compares to 19% spent watching DVDs, 13% using mobile devices, 10% using computers, and 9% using video game players. However, the nature of TV viewing is changing, with time-shifting of programs becoming quite common. Of the :57 a day spent watching TV on a television set, almost a third (:18 or 32%) is spent watching programming that was recorded earlier on a DVR (:10), downloaded or streamed (:06), or accessed on demand (:02).