Book Reviews

age 10+
Facts, stats best for kids interested in global issues.
By Chelsea Clinton
age 7+
Zany hijinks disguise terrific storytelling lesson.
By Nick Bruel
age 8+
Trip to enchanted world excites learning in kids' classic.
By Norton Juster
age 10+
Lavish handbook introduces Greek characters and myths.
By Lady Hestia Evans, Dugald A. Steer, Clint Twist
age 4+
Fascinating look at many types of libraries.
By Julie Cummins
age 4+
Comical, kid-friendly book has fun with manners.
By Whoopi Goldberg
age 4+
Post family helps young kids mind their Ps and Qs.
By Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D., Peggy Post
age 5+
Silly sentences keep kids laughing without pause.
By Lynne Truss
age 12+
Fast Food Nation for kids is quite meaty.
By Charles Wilson, Eric Schlosser
age 2+
Peek in the zoo good for preschoolers.
By Tana Hoban
age 11+
Brief, commonsense explanations.
By Richard Platt
age 2+
Ideal for stimulating imaginations.
By Margaret Miller
age 2+
Adults might get squeamish, but kids will love it.
By Taro Gomi