Book Reviews

age 9+
Wise words to live by cleverly packed in a "Wonder" package.
By R.J. Palacio
age 9+
A gateway for deep family discussions about values.
By Ethan Hawke
age 9+
Introduces kids to variety of cultures and places.
By Anabel Kindersley
age 11+
Authentic, helpful guide for girls and parents.
By Dr. Susan S. Bartell
age 5+
Gorgeous artwork and a message that sparkles with hope.
By Roseanne Thong
age 13+
Sweet advice scrapbook is a helpful choice for teens.
By Elizabeth Berkley
age 13+
Poems, stories, and comics about being a girl.
By Tonya Bolden
age 3+
Basic politeness primer from famous Post family.
By Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D.
age 13+
Friendly, positive relationship advice for teens.
By Lo Bosworth
age 14+
YouTuber PewDiePie's funny, frivolous, Internet meme spoof.
By PewDiePie
age 9+
Novelty book good for a few chuckles.
By Alec Greven