Book Reviews

age 4+
Beautiful, joyful peek at family in the wild.
By Margarita Engle
age 12+
Poignant tale of several gay teens and record-breaking kiss.
By David Levithan
age 10+
Inspiring horse story has small but mighty heroine.
By Enid Bagnold
age 14+
Brilliant, intense tale of teen coping with grief.
By Hilary T. Smith
age 8+
Leisurely small-town comedy of homing pigeon on the lam.
By Barbara O'Connor
age 16+
Intense novel explores feelings of date-rape survivor.
By Colleen Clayton
age 8+
Exciting start to dog fantasy series.
By Erin Hunter
age 6+
Delightful classic about a bear adopted by a London family.
By Michael Bond
age 8+
Brave mouse adventure a modern classic; great read-aloud.
By Kate DiCamillo