Book Reviews

age 7+
Puppy stars in funny, sweet book about animal welfare.
By Nick Bruel
age 6+
Lots of laughs on the farm in fun, silly chicken tale.
By Doreen Cronin
age 3+
Dog gains self-acceptance in visually stunning circus story.
By Hannah E. Harrison
age 2+
Silly kittens teach toddlers about opposites in fun book.
By Sandra Boynton
age 8+
Leisurely small-town comedy of homing pigeon on the lam.
By Barbara O'Connor
age 8+
Exciting start to dog fantasy series.
By Erin Hunter
age 9+
Exciting story of misunderstood rat who becomes a hero.
By W.H. Beck
age 11+
Gripping story is loving, lyrical, but has brutal violence.
By Kathi Appelt
age 8+
Brave mouse adventure a modern classic; great read-aloud.
By Kate DiCamillo