Book Reviews

age 2+
Charming friend tale for both toddlers and new readers.
By Mo Willems
age 10+
Going unnoticed isn't always fun.
By Neal Shusterman
age 14+
Edgy but compelling teen angst mystery.
By John Green
age 11+
Three girls grow up together in the inner city.
By Jacqueline Woodson
age 13+
End of pants-swap series fits older teens best.
By Ann Brashares
age 7+
Move over, Ramona -- here comes Clementine.
By Sara Pennypacker
age 9+
Different is OK -- a great message for tweens.
By Annie Bryant
age 9+
Honest, moving story of friendship and loss.
By Katherine Paterson
age 9+
This poignant novel is one of the best around.
By Kate DiCamillo
age 9+
Outcasts join forces to conquer readers' hearts.
By Rodman Philbrick
age 4+
Classic, sensitive parable about selflessness.
By Shel Silverstein
age 12+
Second book in friendship series is a good fit for teens.
By Ann Brashares
age 12+
Popular series start shows positive girl friendships.
By Ann Brashares