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Splatoon 2 Game Poster Image
age 10+
Colorful multiplayer shooter is captivating, can melt hours.
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
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Sunset Overdrive Game Poster Image
age 16+
Stylized tongue-in-cheek shooter has lots of gory violence.
Platforms: Xbox One
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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Game Poster Image
age 11+
Comedic, cartoonish shooter should be OK for younger teens.
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One
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Warframe Game Poster Image
age 13+
Combat-heavy sci-fi war game brings violence but no gore.
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows
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Gears of War: Judgment Game Poster Image
age 18+
Bloody sci-fi shoot 'em up is laced with profanity.
Platforms: Xbox 360
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