Movie Reviews

Project Almanac Movie Poster Image
age 14+
Teen time-travel movie is entertaining; some racy stuff.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2015)
Beautiful Creatures Movie Poster Image
age 13+
Lush book adaptation mixes romance, fantasy, some violence.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2013)
Summer Wars Movie Poster Image
age 12+
Excellent, gorgeous anime has some violence, profanity.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2011)
The Adventures of Food Boy Movie Poster Image
age 10+
Light tween adventure with some gross-out moments.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 2008)
The Boy Who Could Fly Movie Poster Image
age 8+
A charming fantasy with a lot of heart.
On DVD/Streaming
(Release Year: 1986)